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Is it easy to open an e-cigarette shop? Is it profitable to do an e-cigarette business? Electronic cigarettes are a trendy thing, and many people even start their own businesses for the first time. Therefore, I have a bit of entrepreneurial phobia and worry that I don’t understand the e-cigarette industry and will not be in the e-cigarette business. These are all normal mentalities.

Recently, according to media reports, an e-cigarette company in the United States has given out US$2 billion in year-end bonuses, and 1,500 employees receive an average of US$1.3 million (nearly 9 million yuan) per person. Netizens are also curious that e-cigarettes are so profitable when they are feeling that this is a year-end award for others.

The reason for the growing popularity of e-cigarettes:

Indeed, in recent years, in addition to some old smokers. More and more young people have entered the electronic cigarette market. A reporter searched several e-commerce platforms and found that there are many merchants selling e-cigarettes. The customer service said that many cool young people came to buy e-cigarettes just to take selfies.

The rejuvenation of e-cigarettes is a trend all over the world. According to news reports, the recent annual survey results released by the National Institute of Drug Abuse of the United States show that the proportion of students who smoke e-cigarettes has nearly doubled. More than 30% of those who buy electronic cigarettes are young people.

“Young people account for more than 30% of their consumption, and this proportion is still increasing.” Some businesses said that some young people found it cool when they saw their friends playing, so they also came to buy. When some young people come to buy them, they just say that they don’t smoke, just buy an e-cigarette for self-portrait, so they require cool appearance and big smoke.

A business customer service told reporters that in fact. There are mainly two kinds of people who come to buy e-cigarettes. One is the wife who buys it for the husband who smokes and wants him to quit smoking. This is the majority. Few smokers buy e-cigarettes by themselves in an attempt to quit smoking. The other is young people who like fashion. Many of them don’t smoke. They buy e-cigarettes not so much as smoking but as fun.

Types of e-cigarettes

During the consultation, the reporter learned that there are two types of e-cigarettes. Vapour e-cigarettes and low-temperature cigarettes. The domestic market mainly focuses on vapour e-cigarettes. When there is demand, there is a market. The reporter found that many brands of e-cigarettes now have products specifically tailored to the needs of young people. Such as emphasizing fruit flavours and steam smoke. According to reports, it sells tens of thousands of styles for the young people market every month.

How to run a vape store to make money?

Now in this market, the number of people who understand e-cigarettes, pay attention to e-cigarettes. Or try to use e-cigarettes has obviously increased by at least several tens or even hundreds of times compared with two years ago. But it does not necessarily mean that the e-cigarette market is so good, and the money is very easy to make. This kind of thinking is wrong. Take the highly competitive catering, the same street has money-making related doors. E-cigarette stores also need their own understanding and dedication. How to run an e-cigarette shop to make money?

This is an e-cigarette shop design we made for a Canadian customer. The customer has opened many branches in Canada and other countries. So he has ordered more than 50 e-cigarette store display furniture in our company. In the beginning, the customer contacted us and want to make the 3d design of the vape store and some cabinets sample.

He said he opened many vape stores in Canada. We said we are the retail and wholesale factory in Shenzhen, China. So we suggest starting the 3d design first. Then the customer paid 500$ for the design deposit to us so we made this vape store design for him. After some discussion, we finalized the final 3d design and quoted the price to the customer. The customer paid 50% deposit of the order then we started the production. Now the customer already opened the e-cigarette shop and very satisfied with our showcase quality.

Our company will help you to open the vape store:

We are the customize vape store e-cigarette display showcase manufacturer. The main material of the vape store furniture we use is MDF with baking paint, this material can sustained use 5-10 years. If you are willing to open a vape store, please welcome to contact us for more details about the vape store display cabinets design. Our company will guide you on how to run an e-cigarette store to make a lot of money! Thank you for your read.

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