Most people are like to smoke, even in teens.  Cigarettes are very harmful to our bodies, but smoking addiction is difficult to quit. So many people will use E-cigarette. E-cigarettes do basically the same thing as cigarettes but are far less harmful to our health. So E-cigarette and E-cigarette shops are very popular. We can see a lot of vape shops in the street. Today I want to introduce you is the beautiful vape shop display furniture. Before I do that, I’d like to say a few words about what our company does.

Unique Display Ltd

We are a custom company, we mainly do the mall kiosks and the shop display furniture. No matter restaurant, jewelry shop, cellphone shop, or E-cigarette shop. We can design and custom the furniture according to your shop floor plan. Then produce the furniture according to the design drawing. We have our factory, you can finish the design, production here. We can also ship the goods to your country. So you can finish everything in one place. You can see the shop effect before you buy the furniture. We support customizing the furniture’s shape, size, color, and material. The size of our furniture can match the size of your shop, which is the advantage of custom furniture.

E-cigarette Shop Design

This shop is designed according to our customer’s shop floor plan, he has required about the furniture position, so we design the inside furniture according to his requirements. This shop is a little large, we have three parts, the reception counter area, wall display stand, and the seating area. In the reception counter area, it also has some normal stand, and the back wall is some wall display cabinet and a big TV. It can play some videos. In the corner, it is the bar counter and some bar chairs. People can sit here and choose E-cigarette. We can introduce our products to customers.

In the middle is some glass showcase. People can touch it directly. So we can put some value products here. The wall display cabinet is the one of most popular pieces of furniture. It occupies a small space but can display a large volume of products. We can use the below cabinet to store our stocks or put our tools.

This shop’s color is grey and red. This is our customer’s idea. Our furniture materials are MDF with baking paint and plywood with laminate. There are very few solid colors for the laminates. So if you prefer a solid color, like green, pink or blue. We can use MDF with baking paint. If you like the color of wood grain, we can choose the material of plywood with laminate.

Our working process

First, we have to make the shop design. Then we can know what furniture we have and their quantity. The design can help us to confirm all the details and we can choose the furniture we like better. The above picture is our 3D design, it looks like real photos. So we can through the design to choose the furniture. When confirming the design, we can get the shop furniture quotation. Quotation includes the furniture quantity, dimension, and material. We can see the total quantity and the price. Expect the furniture, we can also provide logo and decoration, such as lightbox or sticker.

Our shop design fee is 500-800USD, it depends on the shop area and the design content. When receiving the design fee, the design time is 2-4 working days. And the production time is about 25-35 working days. When finishing the production, we will ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address. If it is your first time buying goods in China, we will tell you how to pick up the goods.

Payment terms: 50% deposit before production, and 50% balance payment before shipment.

Payment Method: TT wire transfer, Western Union, and Trade Assurance.


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