As our consumption level is getting higher and higher, people have become more focused on health at this time in addition to having a better material life. Therefore, some people who smoke are worried that smoking will bring more harm to themselves. At this time, electronic cigarettes will be used. Electronic cigarettes can also help us to get used to smoking. But it is much safer than ordinary cigarettes, so if young people want to quit tobacco. They will basically slowly pass the electronic cigarette and then quit their own cigarette addiction. So this will lead to more and more electronic cigarettes on the market, and in our daily life. We can also see a lot of people using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.

Compared with cigarettes, electronic cigarettes contain fewer ingredients and have no harm to the human body. Eating electronic cigarettes does not harm the lungs. E-cigarettes come in many flavors, with original smoke, chocolate, and a variety of fruit flavors. People can choose the taste they like according to their own preferences. The most important thing is that e-cigarettes can quit smoking. It can replace cigarettes. When using cigarettes, you can use electronic cigarettes to make yourself want to smoke. When you want to smoke, you will be able to charge cigarettes. Those who are addicted to smoking can really think about e-cigarettes. It has no effect on the human body, and there are many kinds of tastes. You can choose the taste that suits you according to your own preferences.

So do you want to open an E-cigarette store??

Please see the below 3 D design drawing of the vape shop.

This is the storefront of the vape shop. It is very attractive from the outside look. Because the storefront is very important to attract people to go inside. If your storefront is not attractive, then no one wants to walk in, not to mention that someone will buy your e-cigarette. 

Here is the layout also the top view of this vape shop. You can clearly see what is inside.

Below is the detailed view showed to you.


How to make it?

For the store design, we will charge a 500USD – 800 USD design deposit.

Please send the floor plan of your vape store to me, your logo, the equipment list.

We will send the 3 D MAX design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design fee.

We offer 3 times free revise design service.

You pay the 50% deposit then we can start the production.


Please feel free to contact us on Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com. & WhatsApp: 0086 18823466142. We offer 24 hours online service!!!

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