High-end Mall Watches Display Kiosk Fashion Watches Display Showcase

In the past, people wore watches to watch the time, which was convenient for commuting. But also they have a kind of fashion psychology. For people, there are two kinds of watches, one is the habit of people’s many years, they feel that wearing a watch is convenient and practical. In addition, successful people, stars and other figures, they wear the watches as decorations and show their identity and values. So a high-end watches display kiosk is necessary.

Description of the watches display kiosk

This one watches display booth is 10*10ft, but it is special because its top and floor is integrated together in one site. First, the watches display kiosk is gray and its floor is white, its back is marble with brown fire-proof boards. Inside the kiosk, the watch display showcases are the same series and high-grade. There are two tall showcases at kiosk front, and their frame is golden stainless steel. Other two showcases are put together, which is made of marble laminate and golden stainless steel. They can show many watches for promotion in the mall.

watches display kiosk 1

watches display kiosk 2

The big logo of the brand is on the pillar, top every sides, back wall and on the showcases. The logos are 3D acrylic luminous with warm lights, which matches the showcases. The lamps are at the frame top.

watches display kiosk 3

The watches kiosk back wall is a big and good place to make the advertisement. The poster is fulled with the wall, and it looks so generous. Its another side also has the poster to show the different watches. The display kiosk improve the grades and levels of the products.

watches display kiosk 4

Our service

We can help on design and production. An excellent display kiosk can’t lead the professional design team creative imaginations and skillful factory workers’ workmanship.

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