Customized hot sale watch shop display cabinet store furniture design

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, watches gradually become one of the daily wear decorations. The demand for watches has shifted from practicality to identity and quality. Watch shop how to decorate the shop interior design more attractive? And what details need to pay attention to?  

If you do not have the idea of how to start a watch shop business, we can give you some suggestions. You can check our website for the watch shop design for your reference. Now we see a customized hot sale watch shop display cabinet store furniture design.



On the 3d design of this watch shop, it has a row of the glass display cabinet in the front and a row of wall display showcases. The glass display cabinet on the front side is a simple design. On the top of the glass display cabinet is the display area and the bottom is for the storage area.

The top of the watch shop wall display cabinet is the lighted box. You can send us the posters you want then we put them. The display area of the wall display cabinet is the wooden display shelf. On the top has the spotlight. On the front of has the glass door then you can lock it on the night.



Before we make the watch shop design, you can send the floor plan of your shop to us. Our design team will make a new 3d shop model according to your shop floor plan. We can make the shop design to fit your requirement. To put the display furniture inside the shop to see the effect.



The main material of the watch shop display furniture we use MDF with baking paint.

For the tempered glass, we have 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thickness. Usually, we use 8mm tempered glass. You can choose as your need.

Other we include the spotlight, lighted box, all the wires and sockets and accessories.

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