Simple style watch kiosk design retail perfume display cabinet

Before mobile phones became popular, it was fashionable to wear a watch. But for now, many people still like to wear a watch for more convenient check time and decoration. You can see many famous watch brands in the shopping mall. If you also want to start a watch business, you can make a watch kiosk for a start first.

We have many watch kiosk designs with different types. You can find your favorite style of the watch kiosk on our website. Or we can customize a new one for you. Here we want to introduce a simple style watch kiosk design retail perfume display cabinet to you.



BVLGARI is a famous brand of watch, perfume and handbag. This watch kiosk is for the shopping mall and the size is about 4 x 3m. We provide a customized service so you don’t need to worry about if this size cannot suitable for you.

On the front of the watch kiosk is a long glass display cabinet with the size about 3m. With the glass cover and lighted box on the front.

Another small display cabinet on the right side is also for displaying the watch products. On the bottom of the display cabinet we can the led light.



Communicate with the details – We can discuss about the details of the watch kiosk for the size, material and design. You can send us all your requirements.

Start a 3d design – The most important step is to make a customized 3d watch kiosk design. Our design team will make the 3d design with your requirements.

Finalize the design and order – We will change the design until you are satisfied with it. And then we will send the invoice to you.

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