High-end watch kiosk famous brand watch booth in the mall

Although the watch is not a strange thing, many people still do not understand why to wear a watch. Especially in the rapid development of information technology today, more and more friends feel that watches seem to have been replaced by mobile phones.

Many people like to wear watches. Maybe it’s because you’re used to wearing a watch or like the watch as an accessory. So still have many people start the watch kiosks and watch stores. Now we want to share with you a high-end watch kiosk famous brand watch booth in the mall. Let us take a look!



This watch kiosk opened in a shopping mall to sell some different brands of the watch. We can see on the 3d design of this watch kiosk, almost the glass display cabinet. The front side of the watch kiosk has several glass display cabinets, on each one, all have the led strip light.

Meanwhile, each glass display stand has the logo of a different brand of the watch. This way can for the customer to know what they are and easy for them to choose the watch they want.

On the back side of the watch kiosk has the wall display cabinet, also all have a glass door with a glass display shelf. On the top has the lighted box to put the poster can for advertising. You can send us the poster you want then we can put it on the watch kiosk design to see the effect.



We will pack each of them in a wooden box. Inside the wooden box, we will use foam and film to cover a whole watch display showcase. The material of the wooden box is MDF. We will pack it strong to avoid damage during shipping.

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