High-end hairdressing salon station barbershop decoration

As living standards have risen, so has the salon industry. The decoration level of the hairdressing shop is constantly updated and improved. So how should a hair salon decorate and design to attract customers? From this article, you can find some answers. Let us find out the answer together. Please follow me!



First, determine the shop decoration style. There are various styles of fashionable barbershops, such as industrial style, American style, simple style high-end style and so on. Different decoration styles have their own characteristics.

Shop owners in the choice of decoration style should be based on their own cost and store area combined with consideration. The choice of decoration style should be able to reflect the characteristics of the salon and give people a sense of grade, beautiful and practical, suitable for the decoration style of the salon. 


Whether it is a small hair salon shop or a large hair salon shop, there are layout characteristics of their own, making the whole beautiful and neat and easy. The layout of the store should follow two principles: one is to make customers feel spacious and comfortable, the other is to facilitate the operation of hairstyle designers. The general hair salon is mainly divided into the reception area, shampoo area, hair area, rest area and so on.

Look at the design of this hair salon shop, the main color is white color matches rose gold stainless steel color. Very high-end and luxury barbershop salon design. It has some wooden color display wall cabinet can put the shampoo, towel and hair care products.



The customer can provide the whole shop size to us and our design team makes a 3d design for you. If you want to make a customize salon shop design, please welcome to contact us. You can see a whole shop effect from our 3d design.

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