High-End Barber Shop Furniture Hair Salon Table with Round Mirror

barber shop furnitureHar salon table is important in a beauty salon shop. Clients sit down and accept hair cutting and hairstyling services. Hair salon shop furniture includes wall-mounted hair statin with mirror, brand image wall, and shampoo chair, and even display showcase. For a big hair shop, we can also add a double-sided hair table in the center. Which can increase the hair showcase area. Today, I want to share a luxury hair table with you.

Hair salon table design

This hair salon table total has 3 working areas, allow 6 people to sit down in total. Which improves the hair cutting service efficiency. It has a metal texture and has a high glossy surface, looks very high-end and attractive.

hair station table


This barbershop table has 3 round mirrors with LED lights for brilliant. It has a metal base with a back baking surface hair table. We make the metal base with hollow decoration, which looks attractive and high light the hair salon shop. Under the counter has drawers in the middle area, the stylist can pull out the drawers and use them directly. The size is 3m long by 0.8m width.

hair table

Color description

The main color of this barer table is black with golden color decoration. It’s suitable for industrial hair shop decoration and creating a unscale shop theme. Dark color with metal frame usually gives people a strict feeling. High-end decoration can also improve your service points and leave a deep impression on customers.

Material information

This barber table design uses MDF as the basic material to build. The surface material is high glossy baking paint. And the decoration and support material is iron in golden color. Other materials include a mirror with stainless steel frame, LED light, sliding drawers, and hardware. If you need another shop theme, we will also help you choose other suitable materials.

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