Nowadays, more and more girls and women love to make up themselves. To make up not only can let others leave a deep impression, but most important is to make themselves feel pleased. Some girls to make up to attract the boys to love them. To make up can let women looks much younger and energetic. Some old women still make up. Someday. I make a nail beauty in a salon store, I saw one women came into and let the staff to help her make up. So the love of beauty exists in every human being, regardless of age. There are many kinds cosmetic for the girls and women to choose. If you are good at making up, you can choose the one cosmetic kiosk in the mall to starr the business. Now I will show you one kiosk for reference.

Description of the cosmetic kiosk

Let’s have a first view on the cosmetic kiosk, it looks very high-end. The main color is white, which express noble, pure. The sizeDescription of the cosmetic kiosk of the kiosk is 3*3m, it is big enough. We can see one light box for the poster of  the model  with good makeup appearance. And the brang logo sign is on the top of the light box. There are some shelves on the back wall, and there are 3 spotlights on two sides individly separately, which can show some cosmetics on the shelves. There are total 4 mirrors with 4 desks for the customers. And the logo sign on the top of each mirror. When customers who is making up here, they can look at the logo and remember it. At the front, one cabinet is on the left, and one as cash register on the right. The cabinets can be put something inside.

There are light boxes of posters with different makeup look on the back of the kiosk, and posters on kiosk two sides then one poster with two spotlights, which can shine the poster and shine the posters and show to people. The girls and women must be attracted by such beautiful and delicate makeup.They will know the kiosk is for what business. And the logo also on the two sides.

To design the cosmetic kiosk

Description of the cosmetic kioskIf you want to make a cosmetic kiosk in the mall, please contact us. The first step is to tell us the size, style, color, or other requirements, such the material or others. We will arrange the design for you base on the needs and help you get the approval if your mall has the requirements of the size, materials or others. Before the design, you need to pay for the design cost $300 first. About the design, we can make some changes for you if you have the needs. But we will try our best to offer you the best design at the first time.

Production of the kiosk

About the kiosk production, we need to confirm the size of all equipments at first. Then we made the wood body first. The second step is to make baking paint, next to stick the laminate, and last step is to install the accessories and teo kick for the kiosk. The production time is about 22-25 working days. It is normal production time.

Package of the kiosk

Before shippinng, we will pack the kiosk well to protect it.

(a) 3 layers: EPE foam+ Bubble film+ solid wooden box
(b) Foam and corrugated kraft paper wrapping with corner protection
(c) It is packed separately and assembles on site.

To design the Kiosk

If you are interested in the kiosk, please contact us and let’s help.

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