We all know that opening a makeup shop requires different display cabinets and display racks. And the style of customized display furniture should be the same as the whole shop. The display furniture requires that show cosmetics products and services to the greatest extent. We can customize it for you based on your product and size. And professional designers will help you create new and unique 3D design.

Retail Display Cosmetic Stand

Type 1:

The material of this display stand is solid wood, which is simple and practical. It has two or three layers of display, which can display different products. From the picture, you can see the whole effect. The one on the left is the display cabinet with only two layers, the top can hold brochure and small-capacity cosmetics, the bottom is the small cabinet that can put large-capacity products, which is very convenient.


Type 2:

This is a square kiosk. The main colors are pink and white, which look fashionable and unique. It has a top and poster, the below is the product display part and the bottom is the storage cabinet. The layout in the middle can design based on customer requirements. We are a customized factory and we have done many styles of cosmetic stand and shipped to different country, can change the color and support the shape you want. Unique display furniture can reflect the service and level of your store. It is necessary to customize attractive display cabinets and stands. It can bring you more new customers.

How to order retail cosmetics stand?

If you need to make the same as the picture, do not change the color, size and layout. You can pay a 50% deposit first. So that we make construction drawings for confirmation. The construction drawings include all production and assembly details. So you need to confirm all details before production. Usually we would suggest to make new design, reach your size and add logo.

Please tell us your ideal cosmetic stand, including color, shape, size, logo, etc. After we know all your requirements, we need to charge 300 US dollars as design deposit, we will deduct it from the order price, please don’t worry.

Our design time is 2 working days. Once the designer is finished, we will send the design to you for confirmation. You can tell us your new ideas and we will revise them based on your ideas. When you have confirmed the final design, you can send it to the mall for approval. If the mall require make changes on design. Will also help you make modification to get the pass.

Our Advantages

Unic Display Furniture Ltd. was established in 2006, we have our own factory and design team. From design to delivery, we can help you complete your project step by step. We have done a lot of display furniture and shipped to different countries. Such as the US,UK, Canada and Australia and so on. They are very satisfied with our design and quality. If you are confused at the beginning, please don’t worry. We will provide you with professional advice. And help you work together on this project.

We have skilled workers and strict quality control system. We are purely hand-made display furniture. And the quality is guaranteed. We will send you videos and pictures. To let you know our production work and steps. For design, we will have more than 4 designers working together. After knowing your requirements, they will hold a group meeting to make good design plan to make your design more attractive and fashionable.


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