Luxury Cosmetic Shop Design Retail Lipstick Exhibition Booth

With the fast development of society, people looking to becoming charming. There are also many different types of cosmetic brands on the market and they produce skincare products for different skin types to meet customer needs. I am convinced that cosmetics is a very promising industry. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic shop design to help with the business. It is best used in shopping malls, exhibitions, and showrooms.

Luxury cosmetic shop & exhibition booth

We can see the cosmetic shop is good to use in the shopping center and exhibition booth. Let’s view details together.

cosmetic shop furniture

Cosmetic layout

Customers can enter from the entrance of 3 sides. One side entrance has a curved reception desk. Another side entrance is a high display shelf to place items. A black working table with a chair set here for customers to enjoy makeup service. At the same time, we can introduce suitable cosmetic products for them.

There is around working table in the shop center. We can provide consultancy service here. Besides, we can provide some samples for trial. This can not only help customers better see lipstick effects, but also facilitate transactions.

Sofa set near the front side. When there are many customers, they can sit and wait. An accompanying person can also rest for a while.

cosmetic furniture

Color decoration

The main color of the cosmetic shop is white and black. We put advertising posters to show the lipsticks. On the back wall is the color reference of the lipstick. Employees can more easily recommend suitable colors to customers. People can also see and understand intuitively. This is a great idea. The backside of the sidewall and display shelf has a lightbox painting for advertising. It facing customers, they can understand your business well.

Material show

Lipstick exhibition box size: 4m*3m

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic logo, metal frame, light lamp

 Steps to start a cosmetic kiosk

Renting a location is always the first step in a business plan.

People can find us in a fixed place, which helps to increase the trust of customers and also enables customers to enjoy good service. The strategic location is of great help to your business.

makeup shop in mall

Consider the shop decoration and furniture style.

Usually, the landlord (or shopping center manager) has special regulations for the decoration of cosmetics shops. We should tell them our ideas and communicate with them the renovation plan.

Then make a 3D design.

The 3D design shows how the cosmetic shop looks like. The detailed information will note in the design drawing. Therefore, the shop owner and landlord can also understand each part directly.

Submit the design drawing to get approval.

We should check the design drawing before sending it for approval. However, if the mall manager needs changes, we can modify soon immediately and make it better.

Produce the furniture according to the drawing.

Workers produce the cosmetic shop step by step. The production time needs 25-28 working days. When the goods finish, they will be ship out immediately.

How to assembly the furniture?

The cosmetic shop furniture is complete in the factory with light and cables. The workers will test the light and lock cabinet to make sure everything works well. It is packing separately for better shipment. Each package comes with a number match to the counter, so we can unpack them and put the counter in the corresponding place. Then connect wires between each counter is enough. By the way, we choose foam shockproof cotton and wooden boxes to pack the counter for good delivery.

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