Custom kiosk design factory direct cosmetic/makeup display counter

When we walk into the mall center , we always see different types and brands of makeup shops and cosmetics kiosk. We will attracte by their products, unique shops and kiosk style, and want to experience their products and services. So having a unique design in the mall center is very important to start your business. Below is one of our designs, let us see more information.

Fashion cosmetics kiosk

The color of this kiosk is mainly black, which looks stylish and modern. And this size is 3x2m.Our designers create 3D designs based on customer requirements and dimensions, which look very attractive. We are custom factory, can change the color for you and support any shape you want. And we will make 3D renderings with different layouts and styles based on your product, size and needs.

Custom kiosk design factory direct cosmetic/makeup display counter


This kiosk is divided into two parts. The front part is mainly used to display cosmetics. Install two light boxes, add logo and some decorations in the middle of the display cabinet to make it look better. The back part is mainly make-up service for customers. The counter is equipped with mirrors and spotlights. Which is very convenient for work. Spotlights can increase brightness and improve makeup efficiency. This kiosk has a top, if you don’t need it, we will design other styles for you.



The main materials of cosmetic display kiosk are MDF and black baking varnish. For MDF, it has hard texture and smooth surface, which is very suitable for cosmetic kiosk. The painted surface will make the display kiosk have a better gloss and color. Other materials include light box, stainless steel, spotlight and 3D acrylic logo,ect. Our material is in compliance with mall center standards, it is healthy and safe. If the mall has strict material requirements. We can also change the material so that your design can get the mall approval.

How to get your unique design?

Everyone sells different things, and if they have different ideas, they will want different layouts. We are custom factory and do not have the same idea of design. So we suggest to create new and unique 3D designs. Our excellent designers will design according to your requirements.

Before designing, we charge $300 as a design deposit. This is our guarantee to both parties to ensure that our design will meet your requirements. In addition, we will also deduct it from the order price. We will send you the design renderings for confirmation within 2-3 working days, and you can add new ideas. After you confirm the final design, you can send it to the mall for review. We will also make modifications when the mall center has requirements for the design.


Design time + production time + transportation time.

For the design time, usually take 2-3 working days, consider the time for modification and mall center approval, which will take 1-2 weeks, the specific time depends on the mall review time. Because it is purely handmade to ensure quality, our production time is 18-22 working days. For the transportation time, it usually takes one month to ship by sea. You can tell me which port is closest to you, we can check the time and cost.

Unique Display Furniture is professional kiosk manufacturer. We provide one-stop service, from design to delivery. To help you complete this project more easily. Our excellent designers have different design ideas for design kiosk, and more than 4 designers worked together to ensure the uniqueness and perfection of kiosk. If you want to refer to more designs and know more, welcome your inquiry very much!

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