Attractive Exhibition Booth Body Sugaring Studio in Mall for sale

Good morning friend, are you looking for an exhibition booth kiosk? An exhibition is a good place to motivate our company, brand, product, and service. It’s a good idea to make an impressive and useful exhibition kiosk before attending it. In fact, we make many beautiful kiosks for different brands and products. Today, I want to share a nice exhibition booth with you. It’s for publicizing body surge service. Let’s view more details together.

display stand

Story to get this exhibition booth design

The owner told me that he needed a booth to participate in the exhibition, the size is 3m by 2.4m. She wants it just for advertising and attracts people to know more about their services. When the exhibition is over, the display counter can still be used in the shop. After discussion with my designer, we reach an idea that this exhibition display has a reception counter in front and a big stand with light posters behind. We start 3D design immediately after getting confirmed.

We make a full screen to show posters and add a brand sign on both sides of the front counter. When she sees the first design, she likes it very much. However, she wants small changes to make it more useful. So we make the large poster insert the big background, like a TV effect. And update the backside of the reception desk with open cabinets and drawers for storage. In this case, the owner can introduce their products and service directly.

How to get a unique Body Sugaring Studio

exhibition station

We should first measure the location size and decide what style is good for you. The second step is to sketch the kiosk design, so the supplier will understand your needs better. Thirdly, pay a 300usd deposit and make a 3D design model. The money is used to make sure you can get the correct product. Fourthly, check and confirm it as the final design. Like this body saccharification studio, we modify it once to get the final design. Finally, submit it to the partner for approval. Finally, make the construction drawing for production.

Description & material

Description of the exhibition Studio

As we can see in the design picture, it is made up of 2 parts. One is a high stand-like back wall with attractive posters, people view it from distance and know your business directly. Another one is a welcome counter in front, where clients can sit down and learn about body sugaring services. They can even place an order directly and experience it in your beauty spa shop.

Material details:

It is simple to design but looks luxurious and attractive. As it uses MDF as the main material to build the body of the exhibition studio. The surface material is white high glossy baking paint, which reflects light and attracts the eyes’ attention. Other materials include a light painting box, stainless steel, and hardware.

spa exhibition booth

How to produce the exhibition studio?

We produce the exhibition studio step by step and will take photos for confirmation. Workers first cut up the wood board and make kiosk body. Then they will paint it at least 5 times to make it shiny in white color. The final step is to assembly the locked door, light paint box, and do kicking protection. The whole progress takes about 18-20 workdays, so please leave enough time to prepare the business and get it.

How to install the exhibition display kiosk?

We should assembly light inside the exhibition display kiosk and hidden wires. The kiosk is sent individually to you, so just connect wires and you can use it.

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