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We all know the importance of makeup, it can make us look better. We will wear makeup for important occasions,appointments or other reasons to make a good impression. If you have got the location in the mall and plan to start makeup business, we can help you design and finish the project step by step. The following is to share the design of makeup kiosk, it will be helpful for your reference.

High-end cosmetics kiosk layout

The whole kiosk color mainly is black and looks very modern and fashionable. It includes a cosmetics stand, cash register counter, a back wall, a makeup work table and four small stools. This layout is very reasonable, it looks like a small makeup shop, which saves a lot of cost.

From the picture,we can see that the floor of the kiosk is different from the mall. If you need other styles of floors, we can also provide them. We will customize the floor according to your location size , and the color and style of the floor will also be customized according to your preferences. The unique floor makes your kiosk stand out from many opponents and get the goodwill of customers.

Makeup display 3D design show

The makeup work counter is fitted with two double-sided mirrors, and small spotlights are installed on the edges of the mirrors to increase the brightness. In order to make the makeup cabinet look better, we add bright colors to decorate it. The style of the chair is also consistent with the style of the whole kiosk. When you need extra chairs, please tell us at first time. We are a direct furniture factory, and chairs are also available.

We support custom makeup display furniture. And if you want more unique and attractive kiosks, our professional design team will create new designs for you. We can change colors and support any shapes for you. Such as circle shape, arc shape and ellipse shape, etc. Everyone has different ideas and preferences. Firstly, you need to know what effect you want and tell us so that we can make your ideal design according to your idea.

Contact us to start your ideal design:

For custom factories, all the work is design oriented. Therefore, when we know the customer’s needs for kiosk we will suggest to make 3D renderings first. We will provide professional design renderings instead of drafts, so that you can clearly see the effect of kiosk and get the approval from the mall center.

Before the design, we need to charge a design deposit of $300, which is a symbol of our cooperation. We will help you design the whole kiosk and layout, such as cosmetic cabinet, stand and chair, etc. Each part can make according to your requirements.  And we will deduct the design deposit from the order price. The design time is 3-4 working days, so that you can confirm and modify it as soon as possible and submit it to the shopping center for appvoral.

We are a company specializing in exporting furniture and have our own factories. We have cooperated with customers in various countries. We have accumulated a lot of design and production experience, our professional design and high quality products will make you satisfied. If you need other professional advice please contact us below. Thank you for reading!

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