White Cosmetic Kiosk Luxury Skin Care Cabinet with Unique Ceiling


The cosmetic kiosk is very popular among people. Especially for girls, they buy all kinds of cosmetics to try to make myself beautiful. With the fast development of society, everyone cares more about their skin stage. I am sure that it’s the best time to open a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share a luxury cosmetic kiosk with you.

cosmetic kiosk

Why cosmetic kiosk is important?

Mall kiosk not like a retail shop. It has an open area for display cosmetics. Consumers also try on and purchase cosmetics here. Many shopping centers have requirements for the brand shop and the owner. So for customers, they belives that they can buy good products here. On the other hand, we rent a location in the mall, people can receive makeup services easily and can also bring us more customers.

What’s more, the shopping center has all kinds of products for sale. People can buy the necessary goods from one place. Which will help them saving time and energy. So when they notice you, they will buy things from you when in need. The cosmetic kiosk is also a good place to promote brand image. And can make people more receptive to our new products.

cosmetic shelf

Introduce of cosmetic kiosk

As we can see in the picture, the cosmetic kiosk has display counters, wall shelves, a top ceiling, and glass showcases. We can also add brand logos and posters to attract’s eyes’ attention.


It has two curved display counter facing both front and right sides. It has glass shelves inside to place more items inside. While the side has a cabinet for hot sale products. We can also place-related products as an example. On the left side is a glass display stand. Clients can easily see the products from 4 directions. There is a cashier counter with a display showcase set in the middle area. We leave enough space for customers, so they can enter the cosmetic shop freely.

It has a high wall display shelf behind the counter. Different styles of the shelf in the center for showcase and big posters on both sides for advertising. Which looks very good and convenient to use. We also put the spotlight on the top ceiling to highlight the shop and decoration.

cosmetic cabinet


White is the main color of the cosmetic kiosk. The blue light decorates the top of the display shelf. This cosmetic kiosk also uses a black color frame to make the mall kiosk creative. We can also use other colors to match the mall kiosks.


Main material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Other materials: Stainless steel, lightbox painting, light logo, etc.

cosmetic cabinet

How to make the cosmetic kiosk?

First step: build the wood kiosk body

It takes about 7 days to cut up wood panels and make wood kiosks. We can see the wood kiosk body in this step.

Second step: paint it in white color

Workers first make the wood body smooth and then send it to the polish room. Painting is about 6 times to get the final effect, takes about 10 days

Third step: assembly tempered glass

We assembly tempered glass after painting. The workers glued and fixed the glass and the counter with glue. It takes 3 or more days to get perfect results.

Finally: Install the light and cabinet door

Assembly light and cabinets door should be the last step. And in this step, we have to attach posters, brand logo, light lamp, etc. It needs about 3 days to complete everything. And you can see what cosmetic kiosk you will receive.

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