Nice Design Cosmetic Kiosk with Glass Shelf Cosmetic Booth for Sale

cosmetic kioskThe cosmetic kiosk is a good place to place all kinds of cosmetics and sell them. The cosmetic kiosk can also help us express company culture to customers and advertising new products. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic kiosk sharing with you. It looks like a retail shop in the shopping center. Includes wall decoration, sales window display, check-out counter, and so on.

Cosmetic kiosks design

It is surrounded by a high wall, likes a retail shop in the mall. The front side has a glass door to enter the store, next to it is a brand logo wall, so that people can remember you well. A large glass wall here as a sales window. The green and white color counter behind it show all kinds of cosmetics

cosmetic counter

They all have glass shelves, wall cabinets. So that people can view items directly when passing by. Which attracts people’s attention and improves sales.

The corner area has a squared showcase cabinet. People can only get the items from inside. However, behind the wall, we attach a mirror here. The mirror can makes the cosmetic kiosk looks larger and clients can also see their looks with make up.

At the shop center area is a single display counter, it mainly uses to check out. Clients can also consult information here.

cosmetic booth

More information show

Size: 3m by 2m

Color: Pink and green

Design time: 3-5 workdays

Produce time: 25-28 workdays

Material: MDF, baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, lighting, logo, advertising, etc.

We use MDF to build the cosmetic kiosk body. The surface material is the glossy effect of baking paint. 8-10mm clear glass to make the wall and display door. Each shelf has a light lamp for brilliant.

Produce photos show

If you are interested in the finished cosmetic kiosk effect, please don’t ignore these photos. When producing your cosmetic kiosk, we will also take photos for confirmation. And you can finally receive the same kiosk as the picture shows.

cosmetic stand cosmetic showcase

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