Fresh Juice Food Cart Small Smoothies Stall For Shopping Mall

The reasons to start the juice business

Reason 1 Fruit is a health food.

The fruit has always been a representative of health in people’s hearts. Parents always like to tell their children to eat more fruits. Because fruits are rich in many kinds of nutrients needed by the human body. Freshly squeezed fruit juice shop is to squeeze fresh fruit into a cup of the delicious drink. So many people who do not like fruit can not stop. As people increasingly advocate a healthy life, a glass of juice a day has become a habit for most people.

Reason 2 More and more beverage shops going.

Scientific research has also proved that freshly squeezed juice can not only improve human immunity. But also eliminates fatigue. It is easier to absorb than ready-made fruits. Therefore, there are more and more similar stores, and the prospects are very broad. Beverage shops are popular now, like milk tea shops, beverage shops, coffee shops, special teas, etc., can be seen everywhere.

Reason 3 Fruit juice is the best choice.

Although each variety has its own characteristics, no freshly squeezed juice is more attractive. The milk tea tastes too sweet, and coffee is not good for regular drinking, but the juice is different. Freshly squeezed juice uses fruits as raw materials, and eating fruits can play many roles, such as weight loss, beauty, and weight loss. Fresh juice shop, he is more in line with modern people’s health concept.

How to start the fruit juice business?

Many people want to start their own business. But their academic qualifications or knowledge level may not enough. And some very technical jobs are difficult. Now all kinds of snacks and drinks are emerging on the market in an endless stream. And fresh snacks and drinks are constantly stimulating consumers’ desire to buy.

Seeing that these industries are developing so well. More and more people are constantly joining them. Juice shops are the best among beverage shops. They attract many consumers with their health and nutrition. And they are one of the most popular beverages. So opening a juice shop is a good choice. Some investors want to open a juice store, but don’t know how much money it will cost. Next, we will briefly introduce how much it costs to open a juice store. Then I will take everyone to understand together how much does it cost to open a juice franchise store? What should I pay attention to?

The cost budget for start a juice kiosk business

If you want to open a freshly squeezed juice store, you first need to choose the right store. These stores should close to commercial streets or office buildings. In addition, you need to purchase related equipment. Such as cash registers, ticket machines, juicers, mixers, ice machines, freezers, and so on. In addition, you need to hire some staff, and a certain number of staff can be hired according to the size of the store. The salary you can adjust according to the position of the employee.

The cost of ingredients:

First of all, freshly squeezed juices use the most common fruits of the season. This is also for health considerations. After all, the safety of off-season fruits is still a topic of debate. The advantage of using seasonal fruits is that it can greatly reduce the cost of materials, and there is no need to worry about the channels of purchase.

The cost of the equipment and labor:

The production of freshly squeezed juice is very simple. As long as you use a specific juicer, you can get a glass of fresh juice with one tap. Some investors may have such experience. So there is no need to worry about learning. Which also saves the cost of hiring manpower. The profit of opening a fresh juice store is affected by many aspects, such as brand, store size and city.

The description of small juice kiosk design:

This is a design we made for a customer from USA. The customer does franchise and he wants to show his investors a small model of the juice kiosk. So that is why we customized this small juice stall for him. Our designer used the customer’s logo and the customer said he wants the juice blenders and cutting board to put on the back side work counter. The front is the cashier counter so that the customer can order the fruit juice here. The side with the customize three-compartment sink. And the basic material is stainless steel or we can use wood material. The surface finish is graphic stickers.

About our company:

We have over 10 years of experience in the food kiosk industry. Our company has a professional design team and construction team. We can design a new juice kiosk customize with all your requirements. Such as your logo, your size, your equipment and anything else. Please feel free to contact us if you want to make a juice bar kiosk, thank you.

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