Are you looking for a customized wine cart? Alcohol is an important drink in social situations. This not only makes it easy for us to make friends, but also temporarily reduces our work pressure. Wine has a big market in the world, it’s a good idea to begin with a wine cart and earn money. Today, I want to share a customized wine cart with you. Hope it can help you better.

How to build a unique wine cart?

First, let us know the size, color and style of wine cart you want. Usually, the cart size is around 1.2m by 0.6m. Would it be good for you? If not, make it match to the space you have. Second, find a designer to help you build the cart design. The design drawing takes about 3 days to finish. If you find somewhere not good enough, we can help you modify in time. Third, confirm the final design with construction drawing. Finally, make the wine cart follow on the drawing. And you can receive the right wine cart.

Description & Reference pictures

As we can see in the picture, the cute cart has blue color and ceiling. There is a mental frame for wine cups in the left corner and a round sink in the left part. Two white try model stand on two sides. Wheels at the bottom make it easy to move. Don’t worry about storage area. On the side of the trolley is a storage cabinet that you can use to store drinks and other items. Brand logo on the top ceiling used to attract people from far away.

food cart drink cart mall cart

Do you like this blue wine cart style? If you want to add new ideas to the cart, please feel free to contact us! We are glad to share more information with you. Thank you

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