Fresh juice bar counter design mall smoothies kiosk for sale

Juices come in many flavors and are very popular, especially in summer. With the warming of the weather, many customers have recently asked about juice and ice cream kiosk. Now is a good time to plan to open cold drinks kiosk. We should do the design first now. After the mall approval, we can produce and ship to your country. You can receive it and start your business in June and July. That sounds good right?

Mall juice smoothies kiosk details


From the picture, we can see a fresh and attractive juice and smoothie kiosk, it is square kiosk and more common. It includes a small cash register counter, a sink, a workbench and two small display freezers, etc., which is convenient for work. On the outside of the kiosk is fruit sticker to make the kiosk more eye-catching, and add the logo in the middle of the cabinet. Can promote your brand and services. We mainly do custom kiosk, we don’t provide refrigerator, ice maker and other machines. But you can tell us the machine you need so that we can add it to the design and you can see the whole effect and confirm the details.

Do you like this design? We have an excellent design team, if you also plan to open fruit smoothie kiosk, please tell us your requirements. Our designers will create new 3D designs based on your size and needs. Including colors, logos and layouts are all customized based on your favorite style. To make your kiosk more unique and eye-catching.


Let us notice the high price signage of kiosk, customers can see even from a distance. Above the sign is the logo, very cute and unique. The following are the types and prices of juice smoothies, which can be referenced and ordered directly by customers, and will be more convenient and save time. We can also see fruits displayed in kiosk. People will be more assured of your services and products when they see fresh fruits. The bottom is made of stainless steel skirting, which can protect the kiosk from friction.

Kiosk assembly

We will assemble the whole kiosk for you check after the production is completed. After you confirm, in order to facilitate transportation and avoid damage. Our workers will do the overall cleaning work, and then divide it into several parts. Each part is marked with a number, such as 1234. When you receive it, put them together, and put them in the right position according to the numbers and construction drawings and connect the wires, and kiosk can work normally. If you still don’t know how to assemble, please contact us and we will guide you.


We suggest to leave three months to prepare this project, so that there will be enough time for design, production and shipment. Our design time is 2 working days, we will send the design for confirmation, and we can make changes based on your ideas. After confirming the final design, it can be sent to the mall for approval. This may take 1-2 weeks. The production time is 18-22 working days, we are pure to handmade. Delivery time is usually one month by sea, the exact time depends on your country and destination port. So there are 3 time periods for the completion of the project: design time + production time + delivery time.

If you have got the mall space and have design ideas, now is the time to start your 3D design. If you want to refer to more fruit smoothie kiosk designs, please follow our And contact us. We are ready to share our design to you.

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