The fruit is a type of food that is good for our body. Fruit nutrition refers to the nutrients and cultural nutrition of fruits. Ordinary fruits are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and other nutrients. While creative culture fruits also have cultural nutrition.

“Eat more fruits and vegetables.”

This is probably the world’s most common health recommendation.

Everyone knows that fruits are healthy — they are real, whole foods.

Most of them are also very convenient. Some people call them “nature’s fast food” because they are so easy to carry and prepare.

If you want to open a fruit juice kiosk in the mall, I hope this article can give you some ideas.


Fruity Fizz food kiosk design


Please look at the below design of the Fruity Fizz kiosk. The whole kiosk color is the wood grain color. Very suitable for a fruit juice kiosk design. The front is the cash counter and a fruit display freezer. This freezer we use it to show the fruit to the customers, for them to choose the foods. On top of the cash registers, there are two TV or lighted box as the menu for customers to choose the juice.


Fruity Fizz food kiosk design


Behind the fruit display freezer, it has 3 Fruit Squeezers. And near the fruit squeezers, you can see a small sink. The sink we can use to washing hands and washing fruit. ( The sink is included in our total price ). Under the countertop, it is the cabinets for you to storage something.


What is the material we will use for the fruity fizz kiosk?

For the kiosk body, we will use the plywood as the basic material. And the surface we usually use the laminate finishing. You can choose the wooden color like the drawing.

The countertop, for the food kiosk, we usually use the man-made stone. But fruit juice kiosk we suggest to use the quartz-stone will be better. No coloring, no fading, and easy for you to cleaning.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Email: ( Whatsapp: +86-18823466142 ).



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