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Nowadays, more and more people want to have a healthy life. So more and more people want to drink fruit juice not to drink carbonated drinks. Because jucie is good for our health. Due to this reason, so many different juice kiosks has risen rapidly in recent years. You can see many different juice kiosk design on different mall and shopping center. If you want to have your own business in this field, i think it is a good idea. If you want to choose a right kiosk factory and want to use a cheaper price to start it. please read this article carefully. I think it very help you to make a good choice.

About this fruit juice kiosk:juice kiosk  

As you can see, this juice kiosk deisgn is very modern and unique, It use write as the mainly color and match other colors on it. Such as, the green, the wooden color and others. The whole kiosk’s color is very reasonable and looks very nice. It looks very healthy. It can give people a nice feel. What is more, the layout also very nice. On top of the kiosk, have many stainless steel bowls, it use to put many different ingredients. And on it have three stainless steel sinks, it use to wash hands and wash fruits. On the other side, you can also see that it have a cashier area to cashier. Then you can see, on the kiosk have many spaces to put different machines to make different juices. And in the kiosk, It also have many cabinets to put different machines and also can put many differnt fruits. It can fit different customer’s different requirements. Besides, you also can see that on the kiosk have a write tall pillar, it can use to put poster or menu or other you want to put it. Outside the kiosk you can put your logo on it. The whole kiosk is very fashion and can attract people. Do you like this juice kiosk design?

More information about it:juice kiosk

The size: 5X3m, or customized the size according to your requirements.

The color: write, green, wooden color, black or customized other color you like.

The material: plywood with laminate finish, tempered glass, stainless steel, man-made stone, acrylic logo and others.

The price: Our company have our own factory, so the price is direct price and the price according to your size you need. We don’t have a confirm price. According to this model’s size, the price about 11000$. All the price we give to you is reasonable and more cheaper.

The payment method: By T/T bank or western union. 50% before producing and 50% add shipping fee before delivery.

About the package:

We will check the packing before we ship to your country, and we will put the kiosk on the wooden box, and we will use foam to protect it. We will confirm the kiosk is safe when it shipping to your country. So don’t worry!


Above is a package picture before we ship to other country.

About our company:juice kiosk

We are a professional company and we have 11 years in this field. Not only a company, but also a factory. We have the professional designer team and excellent series team. Our serives team will talk to you and let you know more information about what you need, and our deisgners will help you to make your own special deisign according to your requirements and size. If you want to have a unique kiosk for your business, our copmpany can help to you.

All in all, if you want to use a cheaper price to make a high quality kiosk, please choose our company and trust our company. Our team will try our best to let you feel satisifed.

If you have any question and want to know more information about it, feel free contact us. We will online to help you. Welcome inquiry!

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