Beautiful Fruit Kiosk Flower Shape Design For Sale

Fruit is a necessary food in our daily diet because a healthy diet is a balanced diet.  Such as including meat, milk, vegetables, egg,  etc.  Fruit can meet our body’s trace elements demands. We will eat various fruit at the breakfast and even after meals.  If you want to open a fruit shop, it is necessary for you to find an attractive kiosk to put your products in. Because it can attract people’s attention. Include apple, banana, cherry tomato peach, orange, and so on. Except for a single fruit shop, this fruit kiosk is also suited for supermarket sales. Now, let’s see the apple kiosk.

fruit kiosk



From the appearance, we can see the apple tree shape on the middle counter. There are some red apples with green leaves on the tree, it can show your fruit is fresh.  Our counter body is made wooden bucket shape, the bucket you can put apple.  What’s more, the logo and poster on it. There is a description of fruit when people come to buy, they can learn some information about it. They can know whether the fruit is fresh or what kind of type of breed it is.  All this information can let customers learn more about your brand.                                                                                                                                                                                                Other angle display                                                                                                                                                                                              From this picture, we can see another counter-like pallet shape.  Every layer can put items, on the top layer, it also can see poster sign.fruit kiosk


From above, we can see the whole structure. Each bucket counter is made of wood, and also has a fruit strip to decorate the exterior circle. Of course, the shape is not just this bucket.  We are a customized factory, this is the case we made before. We can make a new design according to your shop layout, style, size, and logo. Importantly, our design is done by a whole design team. Before making a design, the designer will hold a meeting drafts of the design, and choose a good one for you to review.

fruit kiosk


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