When you rent a lease from a shopping center, it turns out that its area is irregular. When you get the floor plan, are you confused but still looking forward to the final kiosk effect. How to build a kiosk with irregular space? Is it more difficult to deal with than normal square kiosk rental or round rental? Don’t worry if you encounter this kind of thing, we have a professional design team that can be based on your needs to resolve these headaches.

Phone Accessories Kiosk

You can look at the 3d design. This is indeed an irregular shape. But if you have a good arrangement and design. This kiosk can be turned into a beautiful, high-quality and organic style mobile phone repair kiosk. This mobile phone booth needs to display mobile phone accessories, as well as a repair table. So we need to design a kiosk that is very suitable for phone accessories display and mobile phone repair. When you get a relatively not good location, or a place with a less common shape, no worries. As long as you have a professional designer in this filed, the kiosk will become very perfect and attractive.

Layout Description

The whole shape is irregular shape. Main material of the kiosk is MDF, because it is easy to shape. The front of the kiosk has the display area. And behind one display has the repair table. The behind of the front kiosk, there are many cabinet to storage the product. The left is a repaired table. Under the repaired table, there are many drawers to put your goods. The right of the kiosk is a door. If you see the clearly, you will find that the four sides have the logos. Then the people will see it your brands from different direction.

Production Process

Wooden Cabinet: We will do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. So please check the construction drawings before we produce. We will reserve the electric line, the socket, and the logo place during producing the kiosk.

Polish: Polish is second step for the whole production. The polish will make the whole kiosk more smooth and easy to do the baking paint.

Baking paint: the baking paint divide into 2 steps. One is to do the 4 primers. Then we will do the baking paint. Before baking paint, we we will send the Panton Card to you for choice. We will match the baking paint according to your color.

Installation: Installation is our last step to do it. We will install the logo, light strip and the light box on the phone kiosk. When you receive the phone kiosk, you just put each cabinet together according to the construction drawings. Then connect the wire together, the whole kiosk can work successfully.

How to Get a Competitive Price for the Kiosk?

For many businessmen, especially those who do business for the first time, funding is a very big problem. Many people feel that these items are beyond their budget and cannot afford to buy them. Since you are visiting our website, I believe you also understand our strength. We are the direct source of the factory, you can order more preferential prices from us. We are a manufacturer of shopping mall retail kiosks based in China. We all know that China is a big producer. We can provide customers with high-quality and inexpensive high-quality mobile kiosks.



Why Choose US?

Because we are so careful on quality and  manufacturing process. let you know more about quality assurance:

1)We inspect and discriminate the materials strictly before production;

2)We trace each phase of production;

3)Each part is inspected before packing;

4)Only 100% approved product can be packed and dispatched from workshop.

5)’0′ tolerance to damage of finished products.

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