Fashion beauty hair salon hairdressing kiosk in a shopping mall

Nowadays most people pay attention to themselves image, they are like to do beauty hair salon service, and most of them would like to become VIP members, so it most convenient to go to the hairdressing kiosk several times in a month.  and actually Survey results show that man usually need at least a hair cut about one time in a month,  if they have a date at night, then they need the beauty hair salon will be 3- 4 times a week.  as for women.  with being a beautiful woman in mind, they will go to the hairdressing kiosk many times a week. so the hair kiosk is playing an essential role in our daily lives.


Description About hairdressing kiosk

So More people are now realizing the importance of self-expression and looking good. Therefore, the hair kiosk should have been on the fast road to success. Some young women prefer the hairstyle in such a way that it makes them look more feminine. Some believe that their hairstyle is an integral part of their image. Others consider hairstyles are important for their images and are the focal point of their style.

Your beautiful life will start with “hair”.because the hairdressing can bring beauty to people. hair salon makes your hairstyle will be prominent by its particularity to pursue the beauty and true significance of life in your own way. when you do hair salon service in the hairdressing kiosk, You will see completely different yourself,  Demonstrate your own beauty.   so this hairdressing kiosk is the good fixture for the people who want to stat the hair salon business, let’s view the more details of this hairdressing kiosk.

hairdressing kiosk


Product details:

Material: the body of the hairdressing kiosk plywood, the surface use the laminate. About the counter, we install the artificial stone.

size: 3m*4m

layout: 4 hairdressing counters with hairs in the corner,  and checkout counter in the middle. Simple design, elegant style.


contact information:

contact name: Eva

Whatsapp or Wechat:+86 13410688780


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