Nowadays, more and more people want to become charming and looks beautiful. So they are more inclined to make a good hair styling. It’s the right time to open a hair salon store in the shopping mall. If you don’t take care of the money, you can also open a hair salon store. Today, I want to show a hair salon kiosk design with you, hope to help you come up with your own kiosk design.

3D designs sharing with you

hair salon furniture

Descrption about the hair salon kiosk

The whole kiosk including two working place, a sink, a cashier counter and a big display eara in the coner. It’s a very simple design, but it looks very high-end and beautiful. Because the whole kiosk include 3 colors. The basic color is black with blue frosted glass, this glass not only for decoration, but can better protect customer privacy. The counter top can use white color, it will give customers a clean and tidy feeling. Besides, you should put some hot selling products on the display, so people can purchase conveniently. Now you must focus on this high stand, it’s very stand out and very attractive, so it’s a better place for logo. And it can also hidden your POS.

Materials about the hair salon kiosk

The basic material is MDF with high glossy black baking paint. The high glossy baking paint makes your hair salon kiosk more elegant. The whole kiosk also include glass, stainless steel kicking, mirror, spot light, man-made stone counter and hardware, locks, acrylic logo and so on. It can also have locked doors and storge places, so that you can store more products and even very safe even in dark night.

How to design this hairdress kiosk

If you like this hair salon kiosk and want to design yours, it’s better tell us all your requirements, such as size, color, style, etc. So that we can add your requirements to the 3D design and show every details to you. We have an excellent design team in our company, so we can give you the best design you want. And the production will follow the confirmed design, that’s what we make sure to prodution the kiosk as you like.

Whenever you want to open your own store, please contact us soon. Thank you for reading.

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