Hello Everyone, i will introduce the Factory Direct Sale Popcorn Retail Kiosk with Unique Design for Supplier to you. Popcorn is now a popular food. With its unique aroma and high content of vitamin E, it has become a favorite snack for people. Especially young people, they really love the snacks . And the sales of popcorn in theaters are also increasing. Nowadays popcorn is even more varied, and traditional popcorn can no longer satisfy people’s pursuit of good food. So you can see a variety of flavors of popcorn appeared on the market.

Popcorn can be said to be a small-cost business, with low investment, and the production process can be made in just a few minutes. Even if you have not had any entrepreneurial experience before, you can join. After all, the investment cost of popcorn is small, the risk is small, and the return is large. It is a project worth doing. Everyone can do the project.


The design is really importan to start to your business. Because the first impression is pretty important. You can tell us all of  the Popcorn Retail Kiosk you need, like the size, color, even the machines you can tell me. We have professional design team, The design will show all of your needs. Before we do the design, you need to pay 300USD design fee(it based on your size),but when you condirm the order, the design fee will back to your deposit.

Production Details

  • Size: 15x10feet or the size you want
  • Material: plywood
  • Surface: white laminate, red laminate.
  • Color: white and red
  • Style: Modern design
  • Glass: 8mm clear tempered glass
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle
  • Others: Acrylic logo, light box, lock

Company Information

Unique is a professional retail kiosk and store supply manufacturer, With a lower material, land, and labor Cost. The design and produce is in a body. We are able to offer our client high-quality display showcase with an affordable price. Let us supply you commercial display fixtures and mall kiosk for your up growing franchise business from mall kiosk carts to retail store display. Our kiosk ideas will help you increase your brand value and presentation with the best low-cost affordable display solutions.

Contact Information

Name: Karena


Tel: 008613410560420


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