15ft×8ft popcorn counter mall kiosk with glass cabinet to Canada

Good morning friend, nice to meet you here. Popcorn is a very popular snack all over the world. It’s very relaxing to eat popcorn while watch TV. Especially people like to eat popcorn and drink to watch their favorite movies. So if we open an attractive popcorn counter in the shopping mall or near the movie theater, we will win more customers. Today, I want to introduce a customized popcorn counter to you. Hope it will give you more ideas to purchase your own popcorn kiosk.

Description about popcorn counter

As we can view in the picture, the basic tone of the kiosk is white with red high stand to place logo. There are full of glass display cabinet for both showcase the goods and storage. On the counter top are topping area with tempered glass panel to place more snacks. The size is 15ft×8ft, and the checkout desk is in the middle of the 8ft side with brand logo to let us know what we sell. Do you like this  design?

popcorn counter

As for a customized popcorn counter to showcase popcorn and other snacks, it should including working counters, storage cabinets, display cases, sinks and brand logos with menu. We should also add light, cables to highlight our products, which can catch clients’ eyes and then improve our sales performance. What do you think?

Real effect of the corn kiosk in Canada

The finished cabinet is beautiful and practical. Before we start our business, we should purchase the most suitable kiosk for our business and even draw a new design to show every part. In this case, we can get the right kiosk we want like this corn cabinet ship to Canada.

If you wants to view more details, please contact us soon. Thank you for reading

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