Elegant Popcorn Booth Design Snack Food Kiosk In Mall

Do you like popcorn?I like it very much, everytime i watch movie will buy some. Nowadays popcorn as a yummy snack, is becoming more and more popular amoung young people. When you watch a movie, popcorn is the standard accompaniment, more and more people like to eat popcorn in the theater. It has become a symbol. What is more, you can also eat popcorn when you are relaxing or shopping. Popcorn has many benefits. Popcorn is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and assist weight loss. It can enhance memory and brain cell vitality. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So today i want to introduce you a nice popcorn booth design we just made,hope can give you soem idea.

Let’s see this popcorn booth design together:


This popcorn kiosk whole area size is 6m by 8mm, the kiosk area is 6m by 3m,sitting area is 6m by 5m.If you have the size what you need, you can also tell us. We can customized for you. This showcase is roughly interwoven with yellow and white colors, giving people a fresh and beautiful feeling. Yellow and white are also the colors of popcorn. People want to know popcorn when they see this showcase.

More information:

In addition to yellow and white, there are some other colors to embellish, like green, brown, etc. Except for the first time, the decoration of the whole cabinet is also very reasonable. There are four-person zone, two-person zone, and one-person zone, which meets the requirements of most people now. And there are four white flower beds on both sides of the cabinet, which makes the whole cabinet more vivid. It not only has reasonable color layout, but also has special processing area, cash register area and hand washing area..This kiosk comes with a big sitting area,with some tables and chairs. In sitting area have some plants and flowers, looks like a small garden, i believe people sit inside will feel very comfortable. 


The raw materials used to make it are also of high quality. For example, we will use Plywood, MDF, acrylic, tempered glass, stainless steel, artificial stone, etc. Not only that, we will also use high-gloss paint or fire-proof panels on its surface when it is finished to make the whole cabinet brighter. We will also set up a light box, which is useful for publicity and menus.This kiosk comes with a big sitting area,with some tables and chairs. In sitting area have some plants and flowers, looks like a small garden, i believe people sit inside will feel very comfortable.


Some detailed info for this popcorn booth share with you:

1. Szie: 6m by 8m or the size you need
2. Style: modern and Europe style
3. color used: warm yellow, white,light wood color

4.Usage: many different mall, shoppinng center, and other space
5.production time: 25 work days

All in all,we are a custom company. And we can design fo you according your requriements and size.we have a professional team. They can design many different typles for you. Our company will satisified for you. Our company is a world advanced company with superior technology.we use the high quality materials. So please trust our company.

Do you like this popcorn booth design? If you also want to customize and make your own popcorn kiosk, here we can help!we have professional design team, can help design the kiosk as your needs and size for you see, and after approvedm, we will follow the design exactly to make the kiosk for you.




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