Popular Design Popcorn Kiosk with Ceiling Retail Mall Counter for Sale

Are you looking for a unique customized popcorn kiosk to start your business? Popcorn is a very popular snack in the world. Many young people likes to eat them when watching movies. Because it is convenient to buy and easy to clean. It’s a great idea to open a popcorn shop in the mall center or near the movie theater. The good smell and delicious taste can help you win more customers. Today, I want to introduce a luxury popcorn kiosk retail food booth for your reference. Wherever you are going to start your business, it can helps a lot.


The corn kiosk in Unique Furniture has ceiling, display showcase counter, local cabinets, storage area, cashier counter and advertising area. We should also add light, wire inside the kiosk, so when our customer receive the goods, they can use it directly. As for this popcorn kiosk, the size is 4m by 4m with white color. There are wooden bar add to the counter for decoration. If you own other dimension, we can make the kiosk suits for your location and good for your usage. On the back side, we can see there is a large brand logo to let people know your business better. In the front side, there are many glass display showcase in the 3 sides. You can also use it to sell drinks and other snacks here to earn more money.

Design show:

popcorn stand

popcorn kiosk

We can see the kiosk better from the design drawing. If you have any new ideas, we can add to the kiosk and show the effect in a new 3D design. The CAD drawing follow on your idea with your brand logo costs 300 usd design deposit. The design will finish in about 3 days. When you need make small changes, we can modify in time. And the deposit will refund to you when produce the kiosk.

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