Hello, Everybody, i will introduce the Factory Direct Sale Ice Cream Mobile Cart with Customized Design to you. There are many people who like to eat ice cream. From the elderly to the children. Especially women, they like to eat sweets very much. Ice cream is their only choice.The most important thing is that selling ice cream is easier to make money. Selling ice cream is a good small business, the cost is not high, and the profit is quite considerable. The main problem is that you need to find a location with a relatively large flow of people. You can be near the school, as well as the commercial street, the station is a good choice. Selling ice cream is mainly based on quantity to make money. If you can, you can sell some other drinks with better results.


If you are selling ice cream for the first time, I recommend you to sell it with a Ice Cream Mobile Cart . It will be great choice. The cost will be lower. And many people can afforad it. So if you are interested in selling ice cream for your first business, please contact me. We can do a design acoording your needs.

The Design

The design is very important to do the cart. The Design will show all of your needs. Many information we need to learn, then we can customize for you. Of course,  you also can send me your logo. We can add your logo on the cart, then you can see the whole effect. You need to pay 300 USD design fee, before we do the design. But the design fee will refund to your deposit, when you confirm the order. The design fee will spend 3-5 work days.

Production Details

  • Material: The main material is MDF; surface use the baking paint, 304 stainless steel;
  • Color; use the blue, yellow, and white.
  • Layout: The Cart install the top. Under the Cart we add the wheel to move. And the display area put the middle of the cart.
  • Including: Acrylic logo, 304 stainless steel baseboard, lock and others; 8mm tempered glasses.

Company Information

Shenzhen Unique Furniture Limited is a professional retail kiosk and store supply manufacturer, With a lower material, land, and labor Cost. We are able to offer our client high-quality display showcase with an affordable price. Let us supply you commercial display fixtures and mall kiosk for your up growing franchise business from mall kiosk carts to retail store display. Our kiosk ideas will help you increase your brand value and presentation with the best low-cost affordable display solutions.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Karena Yang


Tel: 008613410560420


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