factory customize ice cream counter design in mall for sale

The spring come to end , smmer is coming. people like to eat ice cream in summer.  It make us  feel cooler. and the ice cream is sweet food, sweets food can also make people feel good. Althoug ice cream can make us fat, But we still ca n’t refuse the temptation.In fact, appropriate eating a little in one day has no effect on obesity. Imagine it is a hot summer day. The sun burns down on your skin. You have been working hard. You just want a break. You want something cool to eat. What do you choose? Well, millions of people around the world choose ice cream! So selling the ice cream to start your business is a good choice.  

Here is the ice cream counter we made.

the basic material is MDF with surface baking paint. Size 3*2 meters. It suitable to use in shopping mall. the Color is black and yellow. So it doesn’t to be getted dirty by the people when they are sitting by the counter. The ice cream advertisement attached on the two side. on the  surface of counter we use the acrylic stone So we can easily  to clean the dirty. There are have tempered glass baffle on the both side. We just put some equipments then we can stat the business. ice cream counterice cream counter  

How to order it ?

If you  like this ice cream counter, Please contact us to order it. If you have your own design, please tell us your ideas.Or if you have floor plan, you can show us. we will make it according to your requirement. Firstly we confirm the style/size/color. Secondly we make the 3D design rendering at first, It usually takes about 3-5 days. It can show every parts to you,  so if you want to change somewhere, we can modify for you in time. Thirdly, after get your agreement with the 3D design, then we start to make it. it usually takes 10-20 days. Fourth,After finishing  make it, We will assembly the whole kiosk in our factory and make sure that every part works well, and take photos and videos for your confirmation. Then we arragen to  ship it.    

Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780

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