Beautiful design for cake kiosk ice cream/gelato booth for sale

Do you want to make a beautiful kiosk in the mall? When we go shopping, we can find that the mall has many kinds of kiosks. They can sell many products, and you can easy to make a choice. There has a jewelry kiosk, coffee kiosk and also has cake kiosk. The cake kiosk can not only sell cake but also sell ice cream or other delicious food. Why shopping mall has so many kiosks?  You can think about why you often go to the mall. Because it’s beautiful and everything we need can be found here. Many people would like to start their business here because of the large number of people and the good sales of the products. OK, let’s make the cake kiosk for an example. Look at what it’s the mall food kiosks like.

This one main color is red. It is a Chinese style kiosk. It’s like an ancient building, and I don’t know if you’ve seen the Forbidden City in China, it’s a similar decoration. And I like this decoration. We can see the cake kiosk front side is a cashier and with a cake cabinet and ice cream machine to show the ice cream. People can see the cake and ice cream and choose the flavor they like. The backside is a work counter, you can make the food here. And near the entrance, it is the sink, you can clean your hands and your tools. Under the kiosk counter, you can put your other machines, such as a refrigerator. The tall sign you can put your logo or your product picture, it can also help you attract people.

Cake kiosk’s details

Size: 3x2m

Material: Plywood, Laminate

Glass: Ground glass, Tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic logo

Sink: Stainless steel

Pattern: Sticker

Others: LED light, lightbox poster, lock, key

Do you like this style kiosk? We can design kiosks in various styles. If you have a space in your mall, no matter what you do, we can according to your space size and your requirements to design the kiosk.  Then you can send the design to the mall for approval. After approval, we can start production. If your mall has any advice about the kiosk, you can tell me, we can modify the design. Our design time is about 3-4 working days after confirmed the design fee. The design fee is 300USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you, so the design is free. The production time is about 28 days, before shipment, we will take you the kiosk pictures and video. If no problem, we will arrange the shipment. If you have anyquestions, please contact me.




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