People pay more and more attention to their health, especially after get off work, many people choose to do massage. Because massage can make them feel relaxed and able to let go of work and life stress. It’s a good idea to open a massage kiosk in the mall center. Today, I want to introduce a customized massage kiosk to you. Hope you will like it.

Information about massage kiosk

  • Size: 3m by 3m
  • Color: Brown and white
  • Function: Display massage machine and provide massager services
  • Design idea: Follow on customers requirements
  • Design deposit: 300 usd, it will refund when produce the massage kiosk
  • Produciton time: 18-22 days
  • Design time: 2-3 business days
  • Main material: Plywood, laminet
  • Other material: stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, velvet decoration, etc.
  • Payment: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping

Real pictures about massage cabinet

As we can see in the picture, there are 4 massage chairs inside the kiosk. In the front entrance is a high stand, you can put the brand logo here, so that people can know you from far away. Next to the high stand is a reception desk. People can checkout here. On the bottom are locked cabinets for storage. While on the other side are 2 seating area for rest. Do you like this mall kiosk decoration?

massage kiosk massage stand massage cabinet

How to get a unique kiosk?

Before open a massage kiosk in the mall center, everyone wants a unique decoration. Because unique decoration can leave deep impression on customers. Therefore, you need to think about your own kiosk decoration carefully. It’s better to choose a good color, layout, style of the shop. Then find a designer to show them in the drawing, you can view them direclty. Besides, you can also submit the drawing to the mall manager, which can help you get approval soon.

If you want to view more designs and know further information, please contact us soon. I am glad to share more with you.

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