Sweet food becomes popular in recent years. People eat dessert after dinner and even meet with friends. It’s a very good idea to open a dessert kiosk in the mall centre. Today, I want to share a popular dessert kiosk with you. Hope you can earn more money.

How to get this dessert kiosk

Most people start a business for the first time, they don’t know how to decoration the dessert kiosk in a good way. So, they need a 3D design model to see how it looks like in real life. For this dessert kiosk, it takes a week to confirm design from start. Because our designer is very professional and can understand customers’ requirements better. Here is the story to come out of the new idea-sharing with you.

Most of our business cooperation begins with the inquiry. The customer asks us if we can help him build an attractive and unique dessert kiosk. Of course, we can, so I confirm the detailed information with him to move forward soon. He told us that he rent a place in the mall, the working space is about 3m by 3m and needs a top ceiling. Besides, he sent us the machines to put inside the kiosk. Then we made a quick deal and start design.

When the customer sees the design drawing for the first time. He likes it very much. Without any change, he submits it to the mall to get approval. The mall manager agreed soon when seeing the kiosk design. Then we make construction drawing and confirm the order.

3D design picture show

Here is the design picture for your reference. From the picture, you can see how it looks like. When you want to make small changes, we can also help you modify soon. If you don’t know how to decoration the kiosk store better, please choose a professional designer to help you. What you have to do is to check the design and to see how it help you.

dessert showcase dessert kiosk

Description About dessert kiosk

As we can see in the picture, the main tone of this dessert kiosk is wooden colour. That looks modern and lovely, especially attracts children. On the backside is a long bench with plants decoration. Clients can have a rest and enjoy themselves.  In the front 3 sides, there are lightbox painting with menus on the top ceiling. People can see your dessert shop at the first sight. They are working the counter on the 3 sides, so you can serve more people from different directions. Do you like this kiosk decoration?

Material show:

The basic material is MDF with to build the main material. The counter surface uses blue paint and pink paint surface. While the back wall uses solid wood. Other materials are clear class, light strip, 3D light brand logo, etc. If you want a high-quality product, we recommend using better raw materials. Whatever materials you need, we can help you change it including different colours.

Some tips you need to know before order:

  1. It usually takes time to confirm the design drawing. So we recommend leaving more time before opening. A new design drawing needs 3-5 business days to finish. And please leave more time to confirm the design picture. Production time is 20-22 days to finish.
  2. Find reliable manufacture to help you build the unique dessert kiosk. Because it is not only a symbol of your brand but also a booth to sell products. And beautiful kiosk attracts people’s attention.
  3. Obey the mall rules to make the dessert kiosk. Because the mall manager wants to confirm your kiosk has matched the theme. So if you follow the specifications, you can get the location and start business earlier.
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