Many people like to eat ice cream, especially in summer. How to build a new ice cream kiosk in the mall?First you need to get the space of the mall. Then you need a professional kiosk manufacturing company to help you design a good ice cream kiosk base on the space size. And send it to the mall for approval. After the approval, We can help you with this good project step by step. Now let us look at the design details as below:


In this picture, we can see that the main colors of this kiosk are black and purple. It looks modern and eye-catching. The layout of this kiosk is also reasonable. We know that selling ice cream requires a lot of machines and equipment, so after the customer told us the size of the kiosk, he gave us a list of equipment, including their size. Our designers can add them to the 3D design and the client can see the overall kiosk effect. It includes two sinks, a topping, a small cash register counter, one ice cream and  one popsicle display freezer.

Personalized high signboard and luminous logos can attract customers’ attention. High signboard  place in the front of the kiosk to show your services and products. When you want to sell well other products, you can change the poster according to your needs. In addition, We have different LOGO forms, such as acrylic 3D logo, hollow logo, and LED light strip, etc., which all depend on your needs to customize. For the design of the counters, we can also add decoration to make your kiosk more unique.


Start designing. After you tell us about your details of the kiosk and business plan, we will make a 3D design according to your demands. The style of kiosk and logo you need can display to you in the design. We usually charge $300 as the design fee. Which will be deducted from the total price when you order from us.

Confirm design. We will send the 3D design to you for confirmation in 3-4 working days. During the design process, we can make modifications  according to your requirements and add some new ideas to your design. When you confirm the final design,you can send it to the mall for approval. After got approval, we will also do the construction drawings for you to check everything.

Once all details of the kiosk are confirmed, you can pay 50% of the deposit, so we can arrange the production smoothly. And our workers will strictly follow the 3D design and construction drawings to produce.


For installation services, this is a concern for every customer.Since our factory is located in China, when you receive the ice cream kiosk, do you need to hire someone to install it?Of course,the anwer is NO.We provide installation guidance service, and it is very simple. You can finish the installation yourself.

We use foam cotton inner packed, all around the product.put them into wooden boxes and seal the boxes for protection.Once you receive the kiosk you need to open the wooden boxes carefully to avoid damage it. For transportation, we usually divide the kiosk  into several parts, and each part is marked with a number.Such as 1,2,3,4,5… After you receive the kiosk, you can put them together according to the construction drawings and numbers then connect the wires to work.If you are still confused, you can contact us and we will guide you.





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