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Ice cream, popsicle, frozen yogurt, cold drinks are the most popular by people in the summer and hot area. No matter you walk in the  mall or in the street, you can see many stores, kiosks, booth, and carts. They are all for the ice cream series. Children and young people most like to eat the ice cream series food, because it is very delicious. Now, there are mant tastes of the ice cream series, such as chocalate taste, fruits taste and other special tastes. If you have no so much cost to have a ice cream store, at this time, the kiosk is the best choice for you. You can put the ice cream in the mall or supermarket, which can reduce your much cost, because you don’t need to spend so much time and money to take care of it.

Details of Ice cream kiosk

The size of the ice cream kiosk is 3m*3m, which is not too big but enough make the ice cream and frozen yogurt business. The main color is red and white, and the pattern sign is yellow. The main material is MDF with baking paint finish. Which make the Details of Ice cream kiosksurface of the kiosk look more shiny and durable.

Let’s have a view at countertop, the countertop is made of red manmade stone, which is very easy to clean. There is also a space for the frozen yogurt, the container is the stainless steel, which is safe and healthy material. The lid is acrylic material, when people pass by the kiosk, they can be attractived by the yogurt though the lid. On the right side, a juice machine on the countertop. The ice cream machine is inside the kiosk. So the retailer is easy to take care of two businesses in such kiosk. From the front to see, there is logo sign in the middle, the logo design is nice. And the bottom is the stainless steel toe kick. A tall framework is a supporting part of the kiosk. There is light box in the middle to show the ice cream and frozen yogurt types to people. Any information you want to put in the light box is ok. Behind the kiosk, there are some seats for customers to have a rest and taste the delicious food.

                                                                     How to design a ice cream kiosk

Details of Ice cream kiosk

The first step is to make the 3d design. The 3d deisgn is base on the size, color, style and other requirements you need. The design fee is $300. Please be sure that the design fee will be returned to you after you place the order from us. We will reduct it from the order amount price, so it is fee design for you. We will try our best to meet your needs in the design and help you get the approval from the mall. The design time is about 2-4 working days. If any needs to make some changes, it is no problem, we can modify it.


Why choose us

  • over 10 years experience with our own factory.
  • Advanced equipments: laser carving, acrylic cutting, wood material cutting machines and  painting equipments, etc.
  • High standard materials, up to national and international standard
  • Concise design, strong productivity, fast delivery.
  • Experienced staffs and scientific manage system.
  • Good pre-sale service and after-sale service.
  • We stick to the principle “quality andcustomer satisfaction first ” and based on “whole hearted service”to  make “Unique” brand.

Our Shenzhen Unique Furniture Co., Ltd is a custom factory with a professional design team to offer you a unique style furniture.


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