Europe Style Mobile Phone Table Wood Cell Phone Cashier Counter

mobile phone standThe mobile phone counter is very important in a retail shop. We use a mobile phone counter to display mobile phones so that people can experience the phones directly. And counters can also hold a cashier register to check out bills. Today, I want to share a nice cashier counter in a mobile phone store. It works together with other phone store fixtures.

Wooden color phone counter design

This phone counter has wood bar decorations on the surface. The white background looks very design and intimate. Wood is considered an environmentally friendly and healthy material. There is a plate on the left top, the brand logo usually places here.

Behind is a storage cabinet and open shelves for equipment. As we can see in the design, the bottom part mainly uses to place the printer, and the top area use to place the host computer. Another half area has a total of 3 drawers.

Material information

cell phone standMain material: Plywood and MDF

Surface material: Wood veneer, laminate, surface material

Color: Wood color, white color. We can customize the color as required. And will also send a color code for you to choose from.

Size: 600mm*700mm*960mm, we can also customize the size for you.

Kicking:  Stainless steel

Brand logo: 3D luminous acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, wood logo.

Material is very important for mobile phone store counter. Different materials have different effects, so if you have material requirements, just let us know. We will use the same material to manufacture the phone counter.

Produce photos show

We can see the real looks of the phone display counter from the real product photos. Before shipment, we will also test the phone counter and make sure everything works right. So that you can receive the phone display counter that highly matches shop decoration.

phone counter mobile phone desk

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