White Color Phone Display Shelf Wall Mounted Phone Cabinet to Paris

phone shelfPhone display store furniture includes wall cabinet, mounted display shelf, cashier counter, slat wall display, etc. It mainly uses to sort out phone accessories, phone covers, and other items. Here is a nice phone display cabinet sharing with you.

A wall-mounted phone display shelf

A white wood wall cabinet is a good place to place goods and save space. This wall-mounted display cabinet is attached to the wall and used with the display counter. It usually has 2-3 shelves for better use. We can even add adjustable layers inside the phone display cabinet so that we can adjust each layer’s height easily.

Mobile phone display cabinet color

This wall cabinet is white, which matches the shop decoration very well. It is a very popular color to reflect the product. We can also customize wood grain, black, orange, and other colors according to special requirements.

Size Information

The dimensions are 1550 mm in length, 500 mm in depth, and 900 mm in height. The height of each shelf is 280mm. When reduced to 2 layers, the total height is 600mm. Size can be customized according to the store wall size.

Real produce photos

For a customized phone display counter, we should first make a 3D design. The 3D design shows how the real effect of the phone display shelf looks in the retail shops. And can even see how the phone display counter matches the shop theme and other furniture. If you need small changes, we can modify them immediately and make them better.

phone display shelf phone cabinet

Material reference

Material includes MDF body and baking paint surface. We can also use plywood with the laminate surface to build the phone display cabinet.

How to install the wall cabinet?

The wall cabinet is attached to the wall upon the display counter. We can use screws to fix the cabinet and can also use brackets. Produce work is complete in our factory, installation is very easy.

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