E-cigarette store furniture

hello everyone , Today we will introduce you   store furniture design e-cigarette kiosk for sale. Men love smoking and some women like smoking too. Actually most of the housewife are opposed to their husband smoking. they have ever persuade their huasband to give up smoking, but few of them can successfully. So why not  try e-cigarette? it is more healthy than the traditional cigarette. Here are the advantages.  


the advantage of  e-cigarette

1. No carcinogens and more healthier. E- cigarette is a non-combustion type electronic atomization device, which is not harmful to human body. Moreover, the electronic cigarette has no burning process. So it will not produce tar and second-hand smoke. Thus eliminating a variety of carcinogens in traditional tobacco. The UK Department of Health has published a research report proving that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than flammable cigarettes.  



2. No exist second-hand smoke problem -The smoke produced by e-cigarettes is actually water vapor, which will disappear in the air within a few seconds. Electronic cigarettes do not have a burning process and do not produce tar and other substances like cigarettes, so for people around smokers, there is no exist problem with second-hand smoke.  



3.Smokeless smell  People who smoke all year round carry a strong smell of smoke. This smell will penetrate your clothes, hair and even household items. This smell is a disaster for people who do not smoke.The e-cigarette will not emit nausea snorting smoke smell.Now there are a variety of fresh flavors such as fruit flavor, mint flavor, ice cream flavor, etc. When you smoke the e-cigarette, it will produce an aromatic and sweet taste, and can quickly evaporation disappears into the air.  


here is the e-cigarette store design for your reference

this e-cigarette store decorative style is gray color.  When entering the e-cigarette store, you will see a big mouth smoking advertisement and a shop logo”VAPE STORE”. it catches the customer eye’s attention.  there are e-cigarette display showcases  on two side and two  casher counters.   cigarette store cigarette store cigarette store

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