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Many people like smoking, and they are addicted to smoking too. Actually smoking have bad influence on our healthy. But Quit smoking is an long and difficult thing. Many of them can not quit smoking successfully. So some professional doctor or expert advice e-cigarette replace traditional cigarette. More and more people will choose e-cigarette instead of  traditional cigarettes. Why not we open a e-cigarette shop if  you are plan to open a  traditional cigarette shop ? if  you want to open a e-cigarette shop, we can customize datisfactory e-cigarette showcase for you.


the advantage of e-cigarette

1.Electronic cigarettes do not produce toxic fumes,It is heated and turned into steam. Part of it enters the human lungs, and the other part is exhaled into the air, making the environment more clean and elegant. You don’t need a lighter or a match. And no one abuse you because of tobacco ash falling on the room. As there is no need to ignite with fire.So there is no risk of burns. 


2. E-cigarette save more expenditure. Maybe the customers feel expensive when they buy it at first time. But we can use a set of e-cigarette for several months. So it is more cheaper than one pack of cigarettes per day. and e-cigarette can not only improve the health of smoking man, But also help them  give up smoking traditional cigarette.  


  here is the e-cigarette showcase  design for your reference.

Layout: wood glass e-cigarette showcase on the left side, customers can choose the electronic cigarette they need through the tempered glass at a glance. wood display shelf Inlaid on the wall,which can save more space for the shop. an area with several chairs  is for health test. When smoking man enter the shop to consume, we test the lung  health for them firstly instead of introduce the e-cigarette. So actually it suggest the smoking man give up traditional cigarette and choose the more health e-cigarette. The other side is reception area with sofa and table,which embodies the principle of customer first.  

e-cigarette shop showcase e-cigarette shop showcase   


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