Decorative Personalized Pharmacy Shop Design Interior Display Furniture

With the popularity of health awareness, pharmacies have become an important part of our daily lives. Especially in the case of Novel Coronavirus this year, the development of pharmacies is gradually increasing. Now is a good time to open a pharmacy and make money. If you have the conditions to open a pharmacy. Please contact us here and we will help you complete this perfect project. The following are our design details for your reference:


The layout of the pharmacy is combined with the elements of the medicine sac, which not only beautifies the pharmacy, but also becomes a characteristic of the store.Four  medicine sac shape display cabinets place in the middle of the shop,and inside the installation of spotlights, can be a good highlight the product. Multiple display stands arrange around the wall sides.The colors of this pharmacy are mainly white and blue and it looks very modern and fresh.And the interior layout and decoration are also very reasonable, do not let a person produce visual fatigue.

For the design of the front counter, the customer wants to design it more unique.We designed an L-shaped front counter according to the store’s floor plan. In the middle of the counter, we put the customer’s logo in the form of acrylic.And the bottom kick make of stainless steel and installed with LED light strip.Which can protect the counter from friction and make it more attractive.

Let’s pay attention to the design on the ceiling. It’s very nice, right?We will design the lighting according to your requirements. Our designers have designed many types of lighting, and we can also send them to you for reference.The design of the ceiling and lighting should be based on the whole pharmacy shop style, so that the shop effect can be better.Do you like this layout?We are a custom factory and have an excellent design team that can do new pharmacy shop design for you according to your size.All the furniture you need can display in the 3D design, with add your brand name and logo for you to confirm.


Contact us is the first step.When you find your ideal pharmacy style on our website, please contact us and tell us your requirements.Our designers will create new designs based on your shop floor plans and demands.Before the design, we need to charge 500-800USD as the design fee. This is our company’s usual practice and also guarantees that our design can meet your requirements.And we will deduct it from the total cost after you ordered.

Confirm the design. Usually we will send the design to you for confirmation within 5-7 working days. It allows to modify or add some new ideas. When you confirm the final design, we will make construction drawings for you and let you check everything is good. The construction drawings include all the production details, so you need to check carefully

Once all details of the pharmacy shop are confirmed. You can pay 50% of the order deposit, and we can arrange the production smoothly. And our workers will strictly follow the design and construction drawings to produce. If you need a trusted pharmacy furniture manufacturer, please contact us. Unique display Ltd can offer one-stop service. We provide design, production and delivery services to help you complete your project step by step.

If you want to know more and have other questions, just send us a message below.We are a professional pharmacy shop furniture manufacturer,and will always be online to give you good advice and service.

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