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Are you looking for a pharmacy design?We’ve done many pharmacy designs for different countries. And has rich experience in design and production. If you want a more unique design, please contact us. we are a direct pharmacy furniture factory and have a design team. Can help you complete this project.

Details of Pharmacy shop

The decoration of this drugstore is simple, and the colors are mainly wood and white. From the picture, we can see the layout of the whole pharmacy. It includes a cash register desk, three-drug display stands, two working tables, and two counters. For the cashier counter and display stand design, we also according to the customer’s pharmacy shop floor plan and requirements to make the design, it’s simple and practical.

We usually help our clients design the whole pharmacy shop, including the layout, the ceiling, etc. When we know the details of the pharmacy, such as furniture, logo, color, and so on, our designers will add them to the design and show them to the customers. In this way, which can not only see the overall store effect, but also confirm the details.

These are the different types of pharmacy display shelves that we’ve done before. Each type we make is based on the needs of the customers, and the customers are satisfied with our products and services. If you’re also looking for a pharmacy shelf, we’re just professional. We can change colors for you, and support any shape you want. Just need you to tell us the shelf size and style, then we can start the design work.

If you have a pharmacy shop already decorated, just need to customize the furniture. We also can help you. We can design the display furniture according to the style of your shop. And can be based on your needs to add a LOGO or lightbox poster on the furniture to show your service. We will charge $300 as a design fee for designing furniture, which is a symbol of our cooperation. And we will deduct it from the total price of the order. We will send you the 3D design for confirmation in 2-3 working days, if you need to add new ideas, we can make the modify.

Why designing is the first step in cooperation?

When the customer tells us the requirements of the store, we usually tell the customer to do the design first. Our price is based on the design size, material, and style, and we will also produce according to the design completely, so the design is the first step. And sometimes you will also find that some ideas are difficult to express in words. Seeing is believing! We need to display all your ideas on the 3D renderings first so that you can intuitively see the real effects with your ideas and if omission.

However, the design process is not a one-time process. During the design process, it is easier to fine the issues that will happen in actual production, so it needs to be modified, which is inevitable. When the modification of the 3D design is confirmed, we will create a construction drawing for you to produce accurately. After you confirm the construction drawing, we can arrange the production work. If we don’t make the design first, how we can move the next step of work?

How to start my pharmacy shop design with you?

Unique furniture is a direct furniture factory with a professional and excellent design team. Our design is customized according to the customer’s standard. When we know all the details of your pharmacy shop, we can make the design. Before starting the design, we usually charge a design deposit of 600-1000 USD. Which is a guarantee for both of us to ensure that our design can meet your requirements.

It usually takes 5-7 days to design a store and send you 3D renderings for confirmation. All of your logos and furniture can show in the renderings, which you can check the details from different directions. During the design period, you can modify or add some new ideas.

When you confirm the 3D design and construction drawing, you need to pay 50% of the order deposit, and then we will arrange the production. Once the production starts, we don’t allow any modification. We will proceed step by step according to the construction drawing strictly. So you need to check the design and construction drawings carefully.

The production time will probably take 20-28 working days. During the production process, if you need, we will also take photos and videos for you, so that you can know the production schedule. We will inform you to pay the balance payment after production is finished so that we can deliver the goods smoothly for you.


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