As the concept of health takes root in the hearts of the people, physical pharmacies will become a window for people to know medication knowledge. In addition to the types of medicines, consumers have an increasing demand for medication guidance services provided by pharmacies.

If you plan to open a new drugstore to make money, Unique furniture can provide you with a one-stop service. We are a professional pharmacy shop furniture manufacturer and have a design team. We have designed and produced shop furniture for different countries, and they are very satisfied with the quality of our products.


From this picture, we can see the layout of the whole drugstore. When customers enter the store, they can find the medicine they need, and the cashier’s desk is set inside. The colors of the shop are mainly blue and white, with a reasonable spatial layout and harmonious colors, so that the shop will not look monotonous.


Lighting on the ceiling not only beautifies the shop but also increases the brightness of the shop. The display shelves are basically placed around the sides of the walls. And mark the customer’s store name on the top sides of the display shelf to deepen the customer’s impression of the drugstore. Besides, a small display shelf is set up on the pillar in the drugstore, which makes multiple uses of the space and improves the sales chance of the products.

A good reception desk design can also reflect the service level of drugstores. This unique checkout counter has set multiple storage cabinets inside. And luminous signs are used counter outside to attract attention. If you also need a good cashier counter or reception desk, please contact us. We are directly furniture customization factory and have an excellent design team. Which can not only give you a good price but also create new designs for you.


The color decoration in the pharmacy should not be traditional and will make people feel dull. It is recommended to choose some vibrant colors for decoration.

A pharmacy display window is a good location for publicity. Which shows the overall atmosphere of the pharmacy, show the internal environment of the pharmacy. It can effectively attract the attention of customers

The cashier counter is the key area. If the pharmacy has a limited area, can choose some flexible styles to combine into a cashier counter and make full use of the effective area to display the products.

Select shelves, need to know the pharmacy area configuration. According to different areas to select shelves, and put different products.


First you contact us here, and share the pharmacy plan with us. Tell us what style, furniture, and other requirements you need. For stores, we usually charge a design deposit of $500-1000. When you order from us, we will deduct it from the total price, which is a symbol of cooperation between both parties.

We will send the 3D store design to you for confirmation within 5-7 days. During this process, you can modify the design to add new ideas. All the furniture, logos, and lighting you need can be displayed in the design so that you can see the ideal store effect.

When you confirm the 3D design, we will make the construction drawing for you. Our workers will produce exactly according to the construction drawing, so the confirmation of the construction drawing should be careful. After confirmation of the construction drawing, you need to pay 50% of the order deposit, then we can arrange the production.


Experience: We have more than 14 years of experience in making store furniture and have our own factory and skilled workers. And use high standard materials to ensure product quality.

Design: Our company has an excellent design team to create unique 3D designs for you. Our designers have different design ideas every day. They will design and add new ideas according to your store floor plan and your requirements.

Production: During the production, we will track your orders and send you some production pictures and videos to let you know the production process. At the same time, we will also strictly control the production quality to ensure your satisfaction.


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