Modern Medical Display Shelves Dispensary Pharmacy Furniture To New Zealand

Due to the emergence of covid, people’s health awareness has increased greatly. Everyone wants to have a healthy body to live in, and a pharmacy store is the easiest place to get people’s trust.

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From the picture, we can know that the colors of the store are mainly blue and white. With soft lighting, it looks modern and advanced. Customers who come in the store can see the drugs on the display shelves at first sight. It is a common pharmacy layout. Small display shelves put in the middle, and large shelves put against the wall. Also, can leave enough space for professionals to introduce the drug to the customer.

The front of the shelves shows a round shape table, which can serve as a waiting area for customers. In front of the table is the cash register counter, marked with the customer’s luminous logo, which can deepen the customer’s impression of the drugstore.

Our customer told us that he needs a small room to know about his patient’s situation. So in this design, we added a wall to make a small consulting room. It includes a small working counter and two chairs where doctors and patients can talk face to face. Besides, sliding doors are also installed to prevent doctors and patients from being disturbed when talking. It was a great design idea when the customer confirmed the 3D design.

Please pay attention to the small room behind the cash register counter. Inside there is a small display case, table, and wall fixtures that can be used according to your actual needs. Do you interested in the layout of this pharmacy? We have an excellent design team that can make a reasonable layout based on your store floor plan. So that every space can be good use.

Our advantage:

1)More than 14 years of store furniture manufacturing experience and have own factory.

2)Experienced sales personnel and an excellent design team with free design.

3)High standard materials, high-quality products, and competitive prices.

4)A strict quality control system, on-time production, fast delivery.

No matter what product you are selling, we can design according to your store floor plan and product. We will add your logo, shelves, and other furniture into the 3D design so that you can get careful confirmation and not miss each detail. We ensure that when you receive the goods it’s exactly the same as the design you have confirmed.


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