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Pharmacies are now one of the most profitable industries. If you are going to open a pharmacy, please do not hesitate, now is the best opportunity. Today, I gonna introduce a pharmacy store counter to you. This pharmacy store counter is one of the most popular designs in our factory, let’s view details together.

Birth of pharmacy store counter design

Every pharmacy store has a unique story. At first, the owner told me that he needs modern and special hospital pharmacy shop furniture as every entrepreneur hopes. In order to help him better, I discuss further information about the shop. We know the shop size is around 120sqm, but have no layout and floor plan.

Based on the discussion, I drew a sketch for reference. He was very happy to see the plan sketch and was satisfied that I could accurately understand his ideas. We reached an agreement and prepared a 3D design because professional designers can draw the complete shop effect.

Within 5 days, we send the design drawing for confirmation. After adjusting the small place, we get the final design. Here I send some design pictures, so you can also see how it looks like in the end.

3D design pictures

This pharmacy store counter set in front of the wall cabinet. Mainly used to display products and also provide good service. Cashier register usually in the backside and brand logo sign also put here, so people can see clearly when entering into the store.

pharmacy counter pharmacy display booth


The main color of the shop is grey color with a matte white counter and blue light. He increases the sense of technology in the shop and makes people feel relaxed. The center has many small display stands. Two sides have display shelves, while another two sides have a slat wall with hooks. Which can display more products in different ways, people can also find them in different directions.

pharmacy store fixture

Each wall has high display shelves with white light. Posters put between two cabinets mainly for advertising. We can see that there are many chemical molecular structures, element symbols, and experimental equipment on the top of the cabinet. They will not only decorate your shop and enhance your professionalism, but people will also be attracted by the unique shapes and not feel monotonous.

More information:

  • Products name: Unique hospital pharmacy store counter
  • Size: 120sqm or the size of your store
  • Color: White, gray, and blue. You can also change to any other color as you want
  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Matte spray paint or high gloss paint as you need
  • Logo material: Acrylic, 3D luminous logo, hollow logo, etc.
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, light lamp, stainless steel, stickers, hardware, acrylic panel, etc.
  • Design fee: 500usd-1000usd depends on shop size
  • Production time: 30-35 working days, according to the quantity of pharmacy shop furniture
  • Shipping time: We recommend leaving around 40 days for shipping by sea. Different ports need different times. If you need it very urgently, it’s better to take it by airplane.


1. Q: How to choose a suitable color?

A: We can send a code for you to choose and show color in 3D design. In this case, you can get accurate furniture color

2. Q: How to assembly the pharmacy shop counter?

A: The store fixtures will assembly in our factory, you should just put them in the right place and connect wires to use it. It’s very easy.

3. Q: What should we do if the furniture over my budget?

A: We are a kiosk factory, providing high-quality fixtures at a good price. You can tell us the budget first, so we make pharmacy shop designs according to your budget to save cost.

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