White pharmacy store fixture medicine display to Toronto

Pharmacy store easily finds everywhere in our daily life. As medicine save a lot of people’s life. For flu, iron damage, burns, etc., pharmacies help us avoid pain and restore health. It’s a good idea to order pharmacy store fixture and start a business.

How to open a pharmacy store?

Not like other retail shops, pharmacy shops must comply with national policies. The next step is to rent a shop. It usually takes time to find a good shop and most importantly is decorate the pharmacy shop. Also, purchase high-quality pharmacy store fixtures not only show medicines well but a high level of your store. Any new ideas allowed to add to the pharmacy store fixture design to make it unique and look better.

Today, I want to share white pharmacy furniture with you. White gives a feeling of purity and cleanliness, which gives people a symbol of purity. Simple design but gives people a professional feel. Most people choose white to decorates their shops.

Description of pharmacy furniture

For most street shops, they are not simply square or rectangular shops. When your shop is also irregular in shape, please don’t worry, our designers can re-plan for you and put the display cabinet in the right place.

The window is usually near the entrance, and passersby can see the products and layout through the window. The plus-shaped display window is more in line with the theme of the drugstore, and it also makes people shine. And center display cabinet is a long arc-shaped double-sided display counter. In front is a staircase-shaped display and the back is a three-story open shelf display. While the bottom of the back is storage with cabinet doors, which greatly increases the display space.

pharmacy wall shelves

Checkout counter set in the backside, back wall shelves has working tables and locked drawers for storage. Next to it also display shelves with bottom drawers. Spotlight for bright the shop, each shelf can also have light lamp and posters with the brand name on the top of the pharmacy store fixture.

3D design pictures show

pharmacy store fixture medicine shop fixture

The design picture shows all the details directly. Wherever you think should be better, it’s easy to modify in a design. 3D design drawing includes design pictures and construction drawings. Construction drawings show all the details of the designs, includes fixture size, process, electronic plan, etc. You can even assembly the furniture according to the design file.

pharmacy store design

The main material is MDF or plywood, the surface decoration can use white baking paint, a white laminate, or aluminum composite panel. Different surface materials have different textures. We will help you choose the right material to make, and we will try our best to meet your special requirements. Acrylic usually makes a brand sign and tempered glass to make doors and shelves.

Design steps:

First step: Tell us your needs. It’s better to send us the layout and floor plan. We can discuss better and get your idea quickly.

Second step: Make a 3D design picture. Pharmacy store design including wall display shelves, center counters, cashier register desk, brand wall, and light decoration. These will take time to complete, but we will send the first drawing within 5 working days.

Third step: Confirm the final design. The 3D design is based on your ideas, and our designers rationalize it. But it does not mean that all ideas are what you want, so we provide free modification services to let you get the ideal pharmacy store fixture design.

Finally step: Make a construction drawing and produce it. The production process follows the construction drawing, so please check it carefully.

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