If a drugstore can catch customers’ attention within 5 seconds and arouse their curiosity, it will attract more than 30% of new customers. Therefore, the overall design and internal layout of the drugstore are very important.

In the design of this pharmacy, we chose the modern style according to customer demands. The modern style to give priority to contracted and practical, and add a personalized element. ”Contracted” what pay attention to is concise, practical, and natural. The color collocation is reasonable and the lighting decoration is exquisite,also the display stand is equipped with led lights to highlight the products. For the modern style, the overall decoration cost is relatively normal, multi-layer display rack, rational use of space.  Meanwhile,we decorate the ceiling to achieve a bright and beautify effect.

Unique Furniture ( is a professional manufacturer and exporter engaged in the design, development and production of furniture. We have more than 14 years of factory production pharmacy display shelf experience, professional design team, and a scientific management system. And always adhere to the “quality first” principle for customer service.

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