Modern Medical Store Furniture Design Pharmacy Retail Display Fixture

The planning and design of pharmacies should pay attention to the functionality and practicality of shelves. We noticed that drugstore shelves are still different from store shelves. The distance between the two rows of shelves should appropriate to ensure the flow of people. Generally speaking, the main channel should make about 1.5 meters.

And this channel is more suitable at about 1 meter. In addition, when designing drugstore shelves, there is an important reference basis, that is, the shape, volume, value and other characteristics of the medicine. According to these, to design whether the shelf is open, design the shelf to be large, small, wide or narrow. At the same time, the characteristics of the shelf cannot be ignored.

The current design of drugstore shelves and shopping mall shelves should not only pay attention to their functionality and practicality, but also pursue fashionable modernity in form and appearance. Medicine is no exception. Of course, this fashionable modernity is definitely different from shopping mall shelves. Characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry. In terms of the color and shape of the shelves, they should complement the drugs, ensure enough light, give customers a sense of safety, and stimulate purchase.

The pharmacy store furniture design:

Please kindly check the above design, it is a medicine store and skin care products shop design. This is a simple design, wooden color with white color. You can see the two sides wall for the display showcase. Those display showcase use for medicine, skin care products, cosmetic products. I love this design, how about you?


If you don’t want this style, we can customize a new design for you. Just text us what you want and we will meet all your requirements. Thank you!




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