White and Wood Decoration Pharmacy Store Furniture Ship to the USA

Pharmacy shop fixtures become popular in recent years. People now care about their health, many shop owner plans to earn money by opening a pharmacy shop. For a street pharmacy shop, it includes a wall shelf, center display rack, display counter, bill counter, brand logo wall, etc. If you care about quality and design, please don’t miss this center display rack I share today.

Introduction of pharmacy display rack

This pharmacy display rack has double sides shelf, which increases the display showcase area. It has a metal A-A column to adjust the height of each shelf display according to the products. On the bottom is stainless steel kicking, the light lamp is allowed to install here for attractiveness. Shop center or close to the entrance door is the best location for the display rack

 Basic information

pharmacy shop fixture

Size: 1800*650*1900mm

Color: White and oak wood color

Advantages: Show more items and guidance for purchasing

Material: Plywood, metal, laminate, stainless steel, etc.

Brand logo: Acrylic logo on the top ceiling


How to get this pharmacy display shelf?

Usually, the center shop fixture is made along with the whole pharmacy store furniture. Which is save time and energy to find a different manufacturer for one project. At the beginning of production, we recommend making a 3D design first. So both of us can see the looks of pharmacy store furniture. Here are the steps to show how this display rack finishes.

medicine shop fixture

Firstly: measure the pharmacy shop size.

Shop furniture size depends on the shop size. We have to calculate the measurements for every display fixture. That’s the space for this display shelf.

Secondly: determine the fixture style.

Different style and color make pharmacy shop fixture different. What we should do is to use the best suitable display racks. It always takes time to decide what style and design, that’s why we recommend leaving more time preparing business.

Thirdly: build the 3D model.

The next step is to make the 3D design model. The 3D design follows special ideas and it takes about 5 days to finish. So please pay attention to get it. I am sure it worth the time and energy.

Fourthly: check the design picture.

When we get the design picture, we have to check every part carefully. We can even make small changes to make it more beautiful and luxurious.

Finally: confirm the design and complete details drawing.

Since we confirm the drawing, we can calculate the cost. The designer makes details drawing to move forward. Produce progress according to the drawing, as it shows materials, layout, separate layout, electronics plan directly. Only in this way can we get a perfect pharmacy display rack.

pharmacy store design

Produce details:

Can you imagine it is made from just wood panels? The workers cut up wood panels according to the furniture size. Then they nail these panels together, so we can see a wood body without color and surface decoration. Next, the wood body moves to the decoration room to complete the finish. It takes about 18-20 working days to complete. The left side picture is the finished display rack. We can take every step for your confirmation nearly every day. So you can see how it is made step by step.


center display rack

Package details:

We should clean the display rack before package it. PE foam and plastic wrap used to protect items. Outside is a wood carton package. It is good for long-distance delivery. The well-packaged picture is the same as the right picture. Finally, when you think it’s ready to ship, we can arrange shipments. Thank you.

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